When In Agrabah! TAG

Aladdin is definitely one of my favourite Disney movies. I love it so much.
The songs are amazing, and so fun to sing along to. I feel like I need to watch it again!

Anyway, I was recently tagged by Danielle, to take part in her Aladdin tag!
You can read her post here.

Are you more a Street Rat or a Princess/Sultan?
I'd like to think I was a Princess, but I'm so more of a Street Rat.
A bit scruffy, fun, and not particularly wealthy. Riff Raff, STREET RAT! 

Would you rather have a pet Tiger, Parrot or Monkey?
I'm terrified of birds, so parrot is definitely out. I think a tiger would be amazing, but I have 2 children so...it just wouldn't be safe. Not that it would be anyway!! So I'd go with Monkey! I like little monkeys like Abu.

You have 3 wishes from the Genie himself, choose wisely...
#1 For me & my family to be healthy & happy
#2 End Violence & War
#3 Be able to experience the big wide world!

Where would you go if you could go on a one-night magic carpet ride?
I'd let the other passenger pick! Haha. As long as it wasn't over deep, dark water! Somewhere bright & lit up.

How would you deal with Jafar?
Kick him where it hurts & lock him far away deep underground! 

Who would be your perfect Prince/Princess?
Tall, Dark & Handsome. Confident & Passionate. Slightly Odd and Hilarious. :)

Arabian Nights or Arabian Days?
Nights definitely. I am much more of a night owl and it takes me hours to wake up properly in the morning. I imagine Arabian Nights would be beautiful anyway.

Feel free to join in on this Aladdin tag if you're a fan!
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