Christmas Shopping in Clarks Village

We haven't actually been properly Christmas Shopping this year! Boo! I've been ordering a lot of gifts online or picking stuff up here & there, but we haven't gone on a proper shopping trip! We decided this past weekend we were going to visit Clarks Village and hopefully buy the remaining gifts I need to get! Clarks Village is always a great place to visit at Christmas time, everywhere is always decorated with lights and Christmas trees! The have even had an ice rink in the past! The Coca Cola truck tends to visit there too, and you'll often find Santa's Grotto! 
This year we were a bit early, and they didn't have Father Christmas but that's ok. It's quite difficult shopping with the two little ones, so we tend to get what we need & go! I had to get some wrapping paper, as my local supermarket didn't actually have any, I also needed some big gift bags, so I popped in Card Factory. It's great value in there, and they always have so much choice! I was also looking for a few Christmassey movies, i.e Love Actually & The Holiday! I haven't watched them this year! I managed to find The Holiday and a couple of other cheesey rom coms. Perfect!

We also popped into a couple of charity shops, I tend to let my little ones pick a small cheap toy each when we go shopping (as long as they are good)! As a special treat, and they like to pick their own things! My little girlie got a small barbie car and my little guy picked a horse & carriage. 

We had lunch in an Italian restaurant called Tamburino's. It was so nice to actually go out for lunch, it felt like such a treat. We all had pizza's, and little ones actually ate for free! (With a paying adult). It was really good value for money, and the staff were so friendly and attentive.

Lastly, a trip to Clarks Village is not complete without a look in the Cadbury's shop! I picked up some Cadbury's Vanilla Mousse Snowmen! If you haven't tried them, you have to! I also spotted some Creme Eggs on the way out and I couldn't resist. Creme Eggs are my favourite, but they are only normally sold at Easter, so this was a very exciting find for a chocoholic like myself.

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