Film Fan Friday - Festive Edition!

Today I am back with another Film Fan Friday, the last one of 2016! This time it's a little bit different as it's a festive edition! So all the questions will be based around Christmas and i'll be including lots of different bloggers! 

#1 What are your top three favourite Christmas movies?
Love Actually, The Holiday & A Christmas Carol - Hello Beautiful Bear
Elf, Home Alone & The Grinch! - Twinderelmo
70% said Love Actually! Other popular contenders included Miracle on 34th Street & Elf!

#2 What was the first Christmas film you watched?
My sister was obsessed with Home Alone so that's my first real memory. And then always being afraid I'd be left at home! - Wafflemama
I remember watching the Muppets Christmas Carol as a kid every Christmas eve. I don't remember watching any else as a kid. - Amy & Tots

#3 What's your favourite FILM version of A Christmas Carol?
The Scrooge musical cartoon! - The Owlet
Muppets. Is there another one?! - Pondering Parenthood (p.s BEST ANSWER)
70% said Muppet Christmas Carol. YOU. YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.

#4 Toughy. Santa Claus - The Movie OR The Santa Clause?
This was a close one, 40% said Santa Claus The Movie & 
60% said The Santa Clause.Tim Allen, you win.

#5 If you had a Christmas film based on you, what would the opening song be?
Queen - Thank God It's Christmas - Hello Beautiful Bear
(I always forget this song! It's such a good 'un!)
All i want for Christmas is You - Happy Mummy
Rocking around the Christmas Tree, and I'd probably be doing a little jig and bum wiggle. - Amy & Tots

#6 What's the very last Christmas movie you watched?
Frosty the snowman! - They Grow So Quick
Home Alone! - Somewhere After The Rainbow
Elf! - Lauren The Daydreamer

#7 Is there one Christmas film you watch every year, without a doubt?
Elf has become our staple Christmas movie. We have it on DVD but still watch it on TV! - Wafflemama

Love Actually. I even watched it in July last year when I was making the confetti cones for my wedding. It wasn't even recorded, just on tv. That's fate! - Pondering Parenthood

Miracle on 34th st every Christmas Eve! - Happy Mummy

Thank you so much everyone for taking part in this festive FFF! I love how many people love Muppets Christmas Carol! Haha. Also, little fact. I HATED Elf for YEARS! Now I can't stop watching it!!

So with that, I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!! last thing.


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