Film Fan Friday - Georgia Petite

Hello again! We have another special guest here for the Film Fan Friday series! It's the amazing Georgia from Georgia Petite. FFF is a series about asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies! Welcome!

#1 What are your top three favourite films of all time? 
Alien, Lord of the Rings Trilogy (can that count as one?) and The Breakfast Club.

#2 What is your favourite movie genre?
It's hard to choose but anything sci-fi, horror or fantasy and by 
fantasy I mean Lord of the Rings and those kind of films.

#3 Do you remember the first 'grown up' film you watched?
Jurassic Park, I was 4, I had much older siblings.

#4 Have any movies ever made you cry? If so, what? Or what makes you cry 
every time you watch it?!
The Blind Side, it makes me cry from start to finish such a beautiful 

#5 What is the scariest film you have ever seen?
I don't think I have seen a film that has made me scared but I watched a 
film called It Follows and it's just creepy, really creepy actually, it 
gave me the chills.

#6 If there was a film based on your life, who would play you?
Rachel McAdams, love her acting style plus she is hilarious.

#7 What would be the opening song on the soundtrack, to the movie about you?
Wolf Alice - Bros. It's a song about female friendship and that's probably what a movie about me would centre around.

#8 Harry Potter or Disney? (Or perhaps neither!)
Disney, I'm constantly watching the Little Mermaid.

#9 If you had a dinner party, which 3 film characters would you invite? 
Gandalf, Ripley (Alien) and Han Solo.

#10 What's the very last film you watched? Did you enjoy it?
I watched L'etudiante et Monsieur Henri (The student and Mr Henri). I love French films they do the best comedy dramas. I loved it, it had laughs, sadness and just enough quirkiness I have grown to love from French Cinema.
No..It Follows really creeped me out too! It still does! And Rachel McAdams is an amazing choice! I love her! Also BREAKFAST CLUB! Amazing choice! In my top 3 too! :)
Thank you so much Georgia for taking part in this series!

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