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Hello again! We have another special guest here for the Film Fan Friday series! It's Halina who blogs over at Vie Choufleur! FFF is a series about asking fellow bloggers a few questions about their taste in movies! Welcome!

#1 What are your top three favourite films of all time?
Gone With The Wind, The Usual Suspects, The Original Star Wars Trilogy (no I can't pick one from them)
#2 What is your favourite movie genre?
I don't ever really tend to think about movies by genre. As you can see from my favourites list I have fairly wide-ranging tastes! I guess the majority of movies I own fall into either drama or comedy.
#3 Do you remember the first 'grown up' film you watched?
I was very young when Mrs Doubtfire came out at the cinema, but old enough to remember the furore over the certification. I think it got decreased to a PG, which people weren't very happy with. However, it DID mean that I got taken to see it at the cinema, and LOVED it. Definitely not a child's film, but definitely a film to make a child laugh.
#4 Have any movies ever made you cry? If so, what? Or what makes you cry every time you watch it?!
I cry pretty easily. Gone With The Wind was the first movie that made me cry, but Once is the movie I always put on if I ever need a good cry. It never fails to make me sob like a baby.
#5 What is the scariest film you have ever seen?
The Descent. Claustrophobic horror throughout a cave system. I literally have goosebumps just thinking about it.
#6 If there was a film based on your life, who would play you?
Well I'd LOVE to say Eva Green but I should be so lucky. Probably Amy Poehler.
#7 What would be the opening song on the soundtrack, to the movie about you?
On The Radio by Regina Spektor
#8 Harry Potter or Disney? 
#9 If you had a dinner party, which 3 film characters would you invite? 
Ooh. Elle Woods. Lisbeth Salander. And...fine, Scarlett O'Hara, purely for how hilarious the interactions between those three would be.
#10 What's the very last film you watched? Did you enjoy it?
Last week my husband and I watched Walk The Line. It's about the 10th time I've seen it, and I still adore it.
Thank you Halina! Do you know, I'm pretty sure you are the first person to answer Harry Potter :P Also..ugghhh no I cannot deal with The Descent. And oh my gosh, thank you for reminding me of that Regina Spektor song. I LOVE IT!

You can find Halina over on her Blog, Twitter & Facebook!

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