Hobbledehoo - The Active Child's Harness {Review}

Before I had children, I always thought I wouldn't use reigns. I know people have different opinions about it, and I just sort of naively assumed my children would be the sort of children who don't run off. Who stay where to tell them to stay, walk along beside you holding your hand. HAHAHA.

But seriously, I wan't really a fan of harnesses, but this fantastic looking harness really caught my eye.
We were recently given the opportunity to try out the Hobbledehoo harness and I have to say, I love it.

I've seen different sorts of reigns before. Ones that just sort of wrap around, and honestly don't look very comfortable. We used to have a different sort of one which sort of looped over their wrist, but it's not the best idea. This Hobbledehoo harness is fully padded on back and front, making it perfectly comfortable for the child. My little girlie keeps wanting to wear it in the house! So that's got to be a good sign!

It's honestly so easy to put on too, you pop it over their little heads and clip it up under their arms. Then you may have to adjust the straps so it fits snugly. It's really easy to adjust as well, so say if they are wearing a padded coat or something, you can easily make it bigger. There no fiddly bits to untangle, or try to understand what goes where, it's so simple. 

Truthfully, it's my new favourite item. It's so perfect. My little girl is nearly 3 now and (unless she's really tired), is not a big fan of the pushchair anymore. Sadly though, she is also not a big fan of listening to me! So this came at the perfect time.

Another little thing, the fabulous company were so kind as to send me 2 reigns. I was truely touched. I said to them that I really really struggle when I go anywhere with both my little ones, and no pushchair. Which is true. They run off in opposite directions, or one falls over and the other one legs it! It's pretty impossible.
So I genuinely want to say thank you for allowing me to have one for each of my little monsters, we can finally go out together without the need for the mammoth double pushchair!

These reigns are such good value as well.
They are £30 and you can find them at www.hobbledehoo.com
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received 2 harnesses to review. All opinions are my own.

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