My Favourite Christmas Adverts! 2016

I wanted to share a few of my favourite Christmas adverts this year! It's always so exciting when they start showing on TV, as it means Christmas is coming! I know everyone always looks forward to the John Lewis & Coca Cola adverts, but I have a few other favourites too!
#5 John Lewis
Of course John Lewis has to be on here! A lot of people aren't fans of this years advert, but it is really sweet! 

#4 TK Maxx
I didn't really know what to expect here, but I think it's hilarious! Look out for the baby in the car!

#3 British Airways
This one is just so sweet, and the little bears are adorable. It makes me a bit emotional!

#2 Sainsburys
Last year's Sainsbury's ad was hard to top! (Mog!), but I do love this one. It's really cute, and so true. Love James Corden singing too, I can't get the song out of my head! (You have been warned)

#1 Marks & Spencer
My number one Christmas advert this year. The thought of it is so sweet, and funny.
It makes me think of what my little ones might be like when they're older. That makes me emotional! (Honestly I cried).

Oh I'm such an emotional mess! Haha.

What's your favourite Christmas advert this year?

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