Thermos Non Contact Thermometer {Review}

The Thermos is a world's first non-contact thermometer. After downloading the Health Mate app, it allows you to sync all your readings and keep track of temperature changes. The app can also send you reminders and even allows you to send the results to your GP. 

It provides accurate readings by sweeping the thermometer over the forehead, without actually making contact with skin. This is so handy for taking your children's temperatures! It means if you need to keep track of their temperatures when they are asleep, there is no need to wake them! It's completely unlike any other form of thermometers, avoiding contact with skin or any bodily fluids, making it the most sanitary way to take someone's temperature. 

The LED screen on the thermometer shows the reading shortly after taking, and like I said it stores all your readings in the app. You can take care of the whole family by allocating up to 8 different people on the app.

I think this thermometer is fantastic. My little ones are always catching little bugs, or having high temperatures, and they are actually very light sleepers. Any noise, any touch and they will be wide awake, so this is the perfect thermometer for me, no need to risk waking them!

Thermos from Withings - Part of Nokia.

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own thermometer to review. All opinions are my own.

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