2016 in Review

2016, I will not miss you. It has been a rough year, for many people. To be perfectly honest I'll be glad when it's over. If you too feel the same as me, don't forget, 2016 wasn't all bad. 

A lot of fantastic things have happened to me this year. I got married to my favourite grown up! It was such an amazing, perfect day. 

My little girlie turned 2, and my little guy turned 1! My little girl started talking constantly, and she also started nursery which has really improved her confidence. My little guy started walking this year too, now he doesn't stay still! He also says a few words including; "Mumma, Dadda", "Oh Dear" and "Elsa" Haha.

Today was also the year I properly started my blog. Not officially started, but it's when I started working hard on it, spending money on it, writing regularly, even bought my own domain. I've even started to earn a bit of an income from it. Hard work does pay off.

Some of my favourite posts this year include;

As well as a ton of DIY's including;

How was your 2016?

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