2017 Goals

I am a huge fan of creating goals. I love having something to work towards, and I always find it way more helpful having it written down. (I also find I am more likely to work hard towards these goals, when I have made them public, like so). I refuse to make resolutions because then when you don't do it on the 2nd of January, you feel like a failure, and what's the point in continuing. Where as setting goals is far more achievable, and much more fulfilling. 
So without further ado, here are my 2017 goals!

Create a better weekly routine
Go to bed earlier & therefore get up earlier!
Read more books (Aim for atleast one a month)
Eat healthier
Drink more water
Inspire others
Raise money for charity
Go on holiday
Have hair cuts regularly
Take time out for self. Switch off.
Continue education
Save a little every week
Spend more time outdoors
Declutter entire house
Be more social, for myself & for my little ones
Spend quality time with the OH
Spend quality time with my little ones
Learn something new
Stick to a proper night-time skincare routine

I know that's quite a lot of goals, but I do feel they are achievable. Some of them are ongoing things, a few are one off things, and a few are more..adjustments. I feel pretty confident I can do it!

Taking inspiration from Happy Mummy's post, make sure any goals you set are SMART. 

Also taking inspiration from You Baby Me Mummy's post of setting goals in 90 day chunks. I will be planning out how to achieve my above goals in 90 day segments.

Have you set any goals for this year?

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