Blogging Goals 2017

New year, New Goals. I am a huge advocate of writing down goals, as I find you are far more likely to reach them if you write them down. 

I wrote down my six month social media goals for July-December 2016, and I am proud to say I achieved them! 
As of 01/01/17 my stats are;
Reach 600 likes on Facebook. (1124 likes
Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter (1362 followers)
Reach 250 followers on Pinterest (409 followers)
Reach 400 followers on Bloglovin (460 followers)

So for the next six months I decided I wanted to set myself some more blogging goals.

Follower Goals
Reach 1,500 likes on Facebook
Reach 1,500 followers on Twitter 
Reach 600 followers on Pinterest 
Reach 700 followers on Bloglovin 

Other Blogging Goals
- Try to boost Tots 100 rank by 100+
- Create Instagram Account!
- Take more pictures, everyday
- Start my own linky!
- Write a proper blogging schedule
- Create a media calendar and USE IT
- Create a media kit
- Have business cards made
- Different tasks for different days, set times.
- Stop wasting evenings! 
- Communicate more on social media
- Make some blogging friends

Have you set any social media or blogging goals?

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