Hopes & Wishes 2017

I do love a good tag post, especially ones that are about the future. Wishing, planning, achieving goals. I was tagged by the awesome Laura @ Wafflemama.
I have written about my goals for 2017, as well as my blogging goals here.

Personal Wishes
* To be kinder to myself, and take better care of myself. I really don't at all.
* Take time out for self. No work. No laptop.
* To be happier. Do things that make me happy. 
* Stop getting stressed so easily, life's too short.
* Continue my education. I really really want to do this, this year. I'm just not exactly sure where to start. I need to look into this.
* Make some better friends, who actually care. Who I don't have to force them to make plans. 

Blog Wishes
* Increase my social media followers. Genuine, interactive followers, not just empty accounts.
* Take more pictures everyday, of life in general.
* That my new linky is a success! 
* Create a proper schedule & stick to it.
* Increase my social reach
* Improve my photography & make the most of Instagram.
* Increase my DA, it dropped recently because I deleted old posts! Oops!

Family Wishes
* Spend more quality time with my little family. I do spend quality time with them, but I want to make sure I do as much as possible!
* I wish to watch and encourage my little ones to grow into the clever, caring, amazing human beings they are. They make me so proud every day. 
* Go out more at weekends. Even if we don't leave our town.
* I really would love to take the little ones of their first holiday this year! We've just never had enough money!
* Everyone to be happy & healthy. 

I am now tagging Becci, Karina & Terri!

What are some of your wishes for this year?

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