January In Review 2017

How was your January? Did you have a good New Years Eve? I don't think we really did much, we stayed up past midnight at least (but that's a normal thing anyway)! 
This month has been a pretty good month for me actually! It started off well, planning my wishes & goals for this year! (I never set resolutions, goals are the way to go!) I've been working towards achieving them all, so that's good for me!
It was also my birthday this month. 26 years young. ;) I was given lots of amazing things, which I am very thankful for. I am really getting into Hygge at the moment, and I got a couple of books about it which was fantastic!

We've been making lots of crafts this month, including a few Valentines themed makes in preparation for next month! I've even started my own craft linky called Make It Monthly which I am super excited about. There were a fair amount of link up last months, which is pretty good because I was dreading there not being any! I absolutely loved these stencilled whale cards from Little Fish! We love making cards in this house, and these are just so lovely! Thank you everyone who linked up!
The next link up is on the 11/2! 

Another one of my favourite posts this month has been the '10 Ways In Which I Rock Motherhood' tag. It was a surprisingly hard post to write, but very therapeutic, and made me quite emotional writing it! 

This month I've been catching up with Black Mirror! I can't rave about this show anymore, it's such a fantastic show, makes you feel...strange but in a good way!! Haha. Just go watch it.

 I've also of course been watching Sherlock. Don't you just get so grumpy when it's over?! Just builds up your hopes for a year or more..3 episodes...and it's gone again! This series was so good though. 

Have you had a good January?

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