Surviving Soft Play

Ahh good old soft play. Some people seem to think it's a nice place to go, where you can let your child run wild & free, while you have a cosy sit down with a hot cuppa. Unless your child is the only one there, your child is an angel, and you have the ability to see through walls, you're wrong.

Don't get me wrong, soft play is fun. For them. For us, it's hard work. I've taken my little ones to soft play by myself before, and I wouldn't do it again. Especially while they are still so little. I freak out, I constantly hold on to them, for fear of them being knocked over or trodden on! 

Luckily, the last few times we've been to soft play, I've gone with family. I swear I couldn't take them many places if it wasn't for my sister. She is the best aunty in the whole world, and chases around after them, not once moaning or complaining. She's amazing.

Still though, soft play does annoy me. It annoys me that parents let their children run amok, not having a clue what they are doing. I'm totally not the kind of person who would tell someone else's child off, no way, but I will, sort of, let them know not to do that, in the nicest way possible. Like when you have an under 3's section, and there's a bunch of 7 year old running and jumping around. Pushing passed your only just started walking toddler, surely that's gonna annoy you. It really bugs me. 
Or when children climb up the slide. I know, I know, literally every child wants to climb up the slides! But when there's loads of little ones patiently waiting at the top and there's a kid trying to climb up it, you know it's going to end in disaster. You just know there's going to be a crazy little child running along, pushing past everyone, not realising they are queuing, and dives down the slide, into the kid who's currently standing half way up the slide. 

It's not all bad. The little ones love it. They love running around, exploring, playing with toys they have never seen before, and I will never stop going while they enjoy it. I just can't do it alone.

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