Decorating Our Home For Valentines Day

Any popular holiday and you can guarantee I will decorate my home accordingly! Not even just holidays! Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Easter, Christmas & even Valentines Day! I do love adding a few romantic touches to celebrate the occasion. I know a lot of people don't believe in Valentines Day, and I don't tend to go overboard, just a few little bits here & there.

Of course I had to decorate my window in some way, so I used these window stickers to decorate! Simply and easy, but really cute & effective I think!

I had to bring out my heart garland that I made for Valentines Day last year! I really like it, and when it's not Valentines Day it takes pride of place in my bedroom!

Valentines Day means pretty candles, and twinkly fairy lights! I was given the heart candle for my birthday, which I love, the wooden one came in a set, this one says "love beyond words", and I bought the red one here.

A couple of lovey dovey cushions are needed! I bought these two last year, £2 for both! Bargain!

I bought a couple of these hearts because I don't feel like they are too cheesy that I couldn't have them up all year round, and they are actually made of bells! I think they're super cute.

Lastly is my little shelf in the kitchen! The heart jar was a birthday present, which I just filled (it was full!) which these little foil wrapped heart chocolate, and the LOVE sign is from here.

What do you think of our decorations? Have you bought any Valentines themed decor?

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