February In Review 2017

Oh February, I will not miss you. The month started off ok, carrying on working my way through my goals. Taking better care of myself this month, but then it all went a bit wrong as it ended on a bad note. Lets hope March is better! 
A few of my favourite posts I wrote this month were either about appreciating yourself, or appreciating others. 10 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself was a post I really enjoyed writing, it's such an important thing to do and I feel like a lot of us are far too harsh to ourselves!

My little girlie has grown up so much this month, she turned 3 last month and she is definitely a fully fledged three year old now, and has earned her 'threenager' crown. But she's also learnt so much this month, been much more independent and kind. I wrote a letter titled 'Dear Nursery Workers' because I just wanted to express how much I truely appreciate what they do.

My little guy has grown up a lot too this month. He's started pronouncing more words correctly, often accompanied by pointing at things "I want that" "over there". He also calls me "Mumma" which I just think is so sweet!

My Make It Monthly linky did really well the second time round, much better than I had expected as its quite a niche topic. If you feature crafts or DIY's on your blog, I'd love to have you link up in March! Every single craft that was linked up this month was amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who joined in. Personally my favourite craft was this adorable toddler valentines craft from A Blonde & A Baby. The next linky is on 11/03!

Last month I said how obsessed I was becoming with Black Mirror, so much so I wrote a super long post about it. It's just such a good show, you really must watch it. Apart from that, I've mainly been catching up with soaps this month, or playing Sims 4! It's a great way of escaping reality for a little while.

How has your February been?

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