How To Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Whether you have a low budget, no form of transport or a lack of time to go out for the day, that doesn't mean you can't have a good time. Staying close to home or exploring your town doesn't have to be boring! I can guarantee there are places you've never seen, things you've never done, parts of the town you've never been to before! It can be a lot of fun! 

Pop to your local Tourist Information or Town Hall
See if you can find a map of your town research what there is in your area. Is there a woodland? Is there a river or weir? Find out where about it is, and head in that direction!

Visit a local museum
You never know, there might be a museum where you live! Check it out and really take it all in. If there isn't a museum, perhaps you could pop to the local library and see if they have any historical information about your town.

Eat somewhere new
Do you normally go to the same cafe, or order from the same takeaway? Why not take a chance and try somewhere totally new. Look for the most touristy place for bonus points!

Try a new activity
Look up if there are any activities to do near you. I know in England there are treasure trails, which are a great way to explore a town, or they're a lot of fun!

Take a tour
If you live in a big enough place, you never know they might have tours! Guided tours around buildings perhaps or even bus tours!

Attend a free local event
Many towns host free events. Concerts, festivals, open days or even free movie showings! Check out your town's calendar and attend any that appeal to you!

Have you tried being a tourist in your own town?

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