The Sunshine Blogger Quiz

As you know I love a good tag post. It's a great way to share a few facts about yourself, and get to know other bloggers too. I was tagged by Mimi Rose & Me to take part in the Sunshine Blogger Tag. She put together a series of questions for me to answer, and I will have my own questions at the bottom for others to answer! 
1.What's the best thing about blogging for you?
Being able to write about what I love. Sharing moments of our every day life, and creating things. Being part of such a lovely, welcoming community. Ok, that's more than one thing!
2. What is your happiest memory?
In all honesty I don't have a happiest memory. One of my happiest memories was when my little girlie was born. I was so happy I just kept on saying "Oh my god!" "Oh my god!", I had the exact same feeling when my little guy was born. Those were both amazing experiences. But seeing these two grow up together, love each other - more happiest memories are made everyday.
3. Do you have a favourite season?
I love Spring. Flowers everywhere, sunshine, dresses and cardigans. Just perfectly warm. BUT I love Autumn more. I love being able to be wrapped up all cosy, but not too cold. Candles, blankets, pjs, hot chocolate. Perfection.
4.Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Night Owl definitely. Always have, always will be. I stay up far too late though, and my little ones wake up early. I. AM. AlWAYS. TIRED.
5. If you have children, share your favourite photo of them.
This is my favourite recent photo of my little ones. Cuddling. I am so proud of them, and they are such affectionate and cuddly children, especially towards each other. It's just the sweetest thing, and the loveliest thing to see.

6. What's your favourite TV programme?
It used to be Being Human! But that's not on anymore. Then it was Misfits! But that's not on anymore! I love Humans & Black Mirror at the moment.
7. How do you relax?
Tea. Tea & chocolate. I've also fallen back in love with The Sims at the moment! It's my way of escaping. I also love watching movies or Netflix.
8. Tea or coffee?
Tea absolutely. Sugar & fairly milky. I can't stand coffee!
9. What inspires you?
Nature, books, films, music, my little ones, quotes.
10. What would be your dream holiday?
I'd love to visit Jamaica or Hawaii! But in all honestly, I just like to take my little ones on fun holidays! I'm not too picky where as long as they have a good time!
The questions you'll need to answer are;

1. What makes you happy?

2. What do you enjoy doing, just for you?

3. What's your favourite movie of all time? 

4. What is your favourite inspirational quote and why?

5. What's your ultimate go-to naughty snack?

6. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

7. Where's the best place you have ever been?

8. Who inspires you the most?

9. Why did you choose your blog name?

10. How long have you been blogging?

If you fancy taking part in this tag too, feel free! I really appreciate a link back! 
Thank you!

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