Amazing Dance Scenes In Movies

When I was writing my 80's Movies you need to watch post, I kept remembering all the amazing dance scenes! I really wanted to write this post, listing my favourite dance scenes in movies! In this list, I will not be including dance scenes from dance themed movies though, just to keep it fair!
In no particular order, because..I just can't possibly. (Also I bet you cant read this post without dancing. It took me far to long to write because I had to dance to each song!)

40 Year Old Virgin
Possibly the most obscure one on the list! Just totally random hippy dancing in a field. Haha. Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are hilarious in this scene!

Ferris Buellors Day Off
This song is..perfection. It just the best scene in the movie. It's the best scene in most movies. Just when the music's SO GOOD.

Little Miss Sunshine
Amazing choice of song, that what makes this scene so good. It's just so unexpected. She totally rocks it. Abigail Breslin should so have won the beauty pageant. "'What is your daughter doing?' She's kicking ass!" Ohh it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy watching this.

Breakfast Club
Best song ever. Best dancing. Best movie. I just love everything about this movie. It's just amazing crazy 80s dancing scene. I so learnt these dance moves when I was a teenager. Haha.

Silver Linings Playbook
Jennifer Lawrence I love you. But Jennifer Lawrence with Bradley Cooper. That's just amazing. I love them both as actors, and I loved every single thing about this movie. You kind of expect this dance scene to either be totally completely awful, or utterly unrealistic good. But it isn't. It's them. Dancing. Brilliantly. 

500 Days Of Summer
This movie made me fall in love with the song. So much so, it was our..leaving the church song at our wedding! It just such a good song, and the dancing very much reminds me of the Ferris Buellor dance number! Also Joseph Gordon Levitt is so cute.

Pulp Fiction
Ohh I love this scene so much. I love Uma Thurman in this movie. The dancing is insane, the song is amazing. You couldn't have a dance scene list, without including John Travolta either could you? 

Pretty In Pink
This is such a good scene. It just makes me want to sing along, and cuddle him at the same time. Haha. 

Honorable Mention - Napoleon Dynamite
Truthfully, I don't like this movie much! But this guy has got some moves! Haha. This is an amazing dance scene! Aww when he keeps dancing though!

I honestly couldn't think of anymore, but I once again asked some fellow bloggers for their favourite dance scenes in movies and they had lots of other crazy amazing scenes I had forgotten about!

The first thing that comes to mind is the dance scene with Neil from The Inbetweeners Movie. When the other boys join in it cracks me up every time. @ Wafflemama

Oh my God... this. I just... I cant help it. It's so funny and it just shouldn't be. (Mr Beans Holiday) @ The Mighty Duxburys

For me it has to be Hugh Grant in Love Actually dancing through 10 Downing Street @ Pack The PJs

Guardians of the Galaxy...the random dancing by Star Lord has me in stitches. Love that film @ Mummy Est 2014

I think we're alone now in Ted! @ Juggling On Rollerskates

Whats your favourite dance scene from the movies?

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