DECHOX Diaries - Week One

If you don't already know, I signed up for DECHOX for the whole of March. It's to raise money for the British Heart Foundation to help fund it's life saving research. It means no chocolate bars, no chocolate cake, no hot chocolate, no chocolate cereal.
I fear I might go crazy from lack of chocolate. HELP ME. If you don't know what a huge chocoholic I am, let me tell you. I regularly eat a whole pack of chocolate biscuits a night. Or in the period leading up to Easter, when my arch nemesis is around, the CREME EGG, I can easily eat 5+ of them in one sitting.
This month is going to be a real struggle for me, but I've already had a lot of support, and donations, so I am determined to do this. Even if it's just to prove to myself, I can survive without chocolate. I can can't I?!
Day One: It's only lunchtime, and I feel like I'm going a bit crazy. I don't normally have chocolate at this time of day, but I think it's the fact that I know I can't have any, that makes me want it. I managed to make it until the evening. The little ones are in bed, this is my me time. This is my chocolate time. I bought some ginger nut biscuits, so atleast I'd have something to snack on. Turns out I can't eat more than 4 of them because it hurts my tongue! Haha. 

Day Two: I'm going out today, so I'll be distracted which is good. Go to the shop, see all the Creme Eggs on the stand. Noooooo. You will not tempt me. I made it. We then went to my nans, and I told her I was giving up chocolate. She said she was too for lent, so she was giving away all of her chocolate. Don't tempt me!! We all went out in the garden, and I popped back inside to get something. I saw them. A box of open Ferrero Rocher's ready for the taking. I could have easily eaten one, and not told anyone. But I didn't!!
Day Three: I decided to buy something else for an evening snack, and I went with Hobnobs. That was a good choice. They are yummy, but still not chocolate. Do you realise how many biscuits are chocolate?!! Do you know what I miss most of all, is my hot chocolate before bed! I'm going to have to buy some other sort of bedtime drink. Anything but Ovaltine. Ughh.
Day Four: I am really having to force myself to remember I can't eat chocolate. I am bored of Hobnobs. Bored of Cornflakes. Bored of not having Hot Chocolate!!
Day Five: I've discovered Yum Yums. If you've never tried them before, you really should. They're like ring donuts, but longer. They're amazing. Definitely saved the day today.
Day Six: I almost accidentally ate a chocolate biscuit today! Do you know how disappointing when you think, 'Yes I'm gonna have a chocolate digestive!' then you remember you cant and have to go with a Jammy Dodger. It's just not the same. Ughhh.
Day Seven:Found a secret stash of chocolate bars I'd hidden away. Ohhhhh I really want something. No I stayed strong. Disappointed. But hey, I've made it a week! Wooooo!

It's going to be hard this month for me, so if you fancy sponsoring me,  I'd super appreciate it! Every penny raised goes to the charity. You can find my Just Giving donation page here OR you could even text; TWIX80 £(donation amount) to 70070. For example 'TWIX80 £5'. 
7/31 Days. Wish me luck!

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