DECHOX Diaries - Week Two

If you don't already know, I signed up for DECHOX for the whole of March. It's to raise money for the British Heart Foundation to help fund it's life saving research. It means no chocolate bars, no chocolate cake, no hot chocolate, no chocolate cereal.

I fear I might go crazy from lack of chocolate. HELP ME. If you don't know what a huge chocoholic I am, let me tell you. I regularly eat a whole pack of chocolate biscuits a night. Or in the period leading up to Easter, when my arch nemesis is around, the CREME EGG, I can easily eat 5+ of them in one sitting.

This month is going to be a real struggle for me, but I've already had a lot of support, and donations, so I am determined to do this. Even if it's just to prove to myself, I can survive without chocolate. I can can't I?!
Day Eight: I was doing ok for the majority of the week, just casually going along not eating any chocolate. Turns out a lot of things have chocolate in! Even just little chocolate chips, it hards to make sure you don't eat any! I went to the big supermarket today, and there's just chocolate ever! I cant even buy Easter Eggs at the moment, because they are cheaper and on offer! If I buy them now, I will eat them. Without a doubt! Literally Creme Eggs down every aisle! It's so hard!
Day Nine: Today was ok, I was fairly distracted today, but I do miss my evening chocolate. Digestive biscuits are just not the same. I really really want a Creme Egg. :(
Day Ten: Had to go to the shop today, and they didn't have any Yum Yums. Oh no! In the end I just bought a bottle of Coke Zero. Rather than find something that was just not satisfying, I went for a drink instead! Not too bad.
Day Eleven: My little girlie was very good, and she asked if she could have a Kinder Egg. Which not only meant I had to go to the shop, but I had to go down the chocolate aisle. Haha. I was ok, just grabbed the Kinder Eggs, and left the aisle! Go Me! I had some pancake mixture left over, so in the evening we decided to make some. We had chocolate sauce in the cupboard which I wanted more than anything! But no, sugar & lemon it was. I really wanted the sauce though, so it just wasn't as good!
Day Twelve: Went to soft play today with my family. We normally sit down with a cuppa & a cake. They often have flapjacks which I was looking forward to, but they didnt have any! They only had chocolate brownies, chocolate rocky roads, or chocolate covered shortbread. I went with the shortbread. My dad was saying "oh it's only a bit, I won't tell anyone", but no that's cheating! I literally scraped off every single tiny piece of chocolate. WHO AM I?!
Day Thirteen: Today was Monday, and it went ok, because Monday's are super busy! We went to a toddler craft group, where after an hour or so they get to sit down and have a snack, and we get to sit down with a cuppa & a chocolate biscuit. They didn't have any biscuits this week, so no temptation! Once again though, the evening was the hardest. But my little guy woke up a lot, so even if I did have any chocolate, I wouldn't have had time to eat it in peace!
Day Fourteen: This is the day when my little girlie is at nursery, and my little guy has a snooze. Normally a time to sit down quietly and have a cuppa and a snack. I looked in the fridge, and we had so many apples, so I munched a few of them! I know, crazy!

So to help support British Heart Foundation this month, I am running a giveaway to raise money & support the fantastic charity! You could be in with the chance of winning a £10 Amazon voucher! To enter the giveaway all you will need to do is donate some money! Any amount at all that you can afford. All the money you donate will be going to BHF. It's for a good cause!

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Good Luck!

If you dont want to enter the giveaway, but would still like to sponsor me,  I'd super appreciate it! Every penny raised goes to the charity. You can find my Just Giving donation page here OR you could even text; TWIX80 £(donation amount) to 70070. For example 'TWIX80 £5'. 

14/31 Days!

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