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I decided I need to take better care of myself recently. To eat better, to actually exercise, generally just be healthier because truthfully I am far from it. I mean we don't eat takeaways every night, we do eat fairly healthy home cooked meals every day, but I do eat chocolate every single night without a doubt!

As well as taking better care of myself, I decided I wanted to do more to help others. To raise money for charities & causes that desperately need it. 

Truth is, it was all because of this one moment. My dad told me a few months ago, that someone I went to school with, who was in the same year as me, the same age as me, is really very ill. His mum used to teach me to play the Cornet when I was in Primary School. He needs a Stem Cell transplant. Despite a worldwide search, no match has been found. 

When I saw him, my fellow classmate on the news it hit me. What am I doing? Why aren't I doing anything?! I shared the news video on my social media, but that wasn't really enough was it. So that's partly why I am writing this. To get the word out there, to say, please, do something. Anything you can possibly do to help others in need. You can register to be on the blood stem cell donor list . I have. The thought of it terrifies me, but you have to do what you can don't you. 

As well as signing onto that register, I am also planning on running Race For Life this year, (which is partly why I need to get back into exercising properly again)! Race for Life helps to raise money for Cancer Research UK. 

I have also finally registered to be able to give blood, my first ever appointment is in a couple of months. I know it's not really something to be proud of, people do it everyday, but it does worry me a little bit. But like I said, you have to do what you can. My mum infact had to have a blood transfusion just a couple of weeks ago.

Last but not least, I have signed up for DECHOX this month. Dechox is all about giving up chocolate for the month of March, to help raise money for The British Heart Foundation. It's going to be a struggle for me, so I'd super appreciate a little donation! Every penny raised goes to the charity. You can find my Just Giving donation page here OR you could even text; TWIX80 £(donation amount) to 70070. For example 'TWIX80 £5'. 

I'm sorry this post might seem like a bit of a downer, but it needed to be said. I honestly feel we can all do something to help others. Donating a few quid to charity, taking the clothes you haven't worn for ages to the local charity shop, or even giving blood. 
It all helps. We can all help.

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