Help Your Little Ones To Sleep With Johnsons

Getting your little ones to sleep through the night has got to be one of the biggest struggles we deal with as a new parent. You need your sleep, you need your little one to sleep. When they don't sleep, well..neither do you. It's tough. There are lots of ways you can help your little ones though, and hopefully make bedtime a whole lot easier for you both.
Creating a good bedtime routine, and sticking to it is important. Our normal routine is bath, quiet time with stories, and lights out. It can take anything from an hour, to three! We decided to try the Johnsons Baby Sleep Routine to see if it would benefit us. Help the little ones relax more, calm down more at bedtime, fall asleep quicker and ulimately stay asleep for longer! The baby sleep routine has three steps;
* A Warm Bath. Just the right temperature to allow your little ones to relax. Ever since I came across it, we have been using the Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bath, and I love it. With a calming lavender scent it's perfect for helping relax your babies. I have to be honest and say I use it in my baths too! It's kind on little baby's skin, and well as my really dry eczema prone skin, and I love the scent of lavender.

* A Soothing Massage
This is something I never used to include in our routine, and I wish I had done. Baby massage is a great way to bond with your little ones, with skin to skin contact. Everyone knows a good massage can be so relaxing. It also helps your baby feel safe and secure with you.

* Quiet Time
Our quiet time involves lots of stories. At bedtime we tend to pick gentle, quiet, happy stories. We read with the main light off and the hallway light on, so it's not too bright, but bright enough to see the books. Make sure the environment is calm, quiet and cosy. 

After these three steps, we say our goodnights, kisses and cuddles and the little ones get tucked into their own beds.

Monitoring Your Baby's Sleep Patterns
Tracking and recording your little ones sleep patterns can be really beneficial. Johnsons Bedtime App is a fantastic free app that can help you do just that. It allows you to jot down the times that your little ones sleep, how long for, how many times they wake up. It provides a sleep analysis tool, and gives recommendations of how to improve your little ones sleep habits. 

As well as monitoring and helping to improve your little ones sleep patterns, the free app also provides more details on the 3 step bedtime routine, and even includes lullabies and ambient sounds to send your little ones off to dreamland. 

I highly recommend giving this app a go with your little ones. We all need our beauty sleep!
You can download the app on the App Store or Play Store here. 

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
We received some Johnsons products in exchange for the post. All opinions are my own.

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