Living Room Wishlist

I really want to sort out our house this year. Get each room just the way we want it, just simple touches here and there can really make a room. 

I love a cosy, comfy, relaxing living room so that's the kind of theme I am aiming for. I created this wishlist of a few items that I feel would make our living room perfect. A relaxing place to get all comfy, snuggle down with a hot cuppa and a movie on the tv.
This wooden grid art photo display is just beautiful. I love the colour of the wood, and I have been looking for something like this for ages. I find it hard to pick photos to display, and then often forgot to change them when I do decide. So this is a great way to display lots of photos at once, and being able to change individual photos when you want!

We have a cream coloured sofa at the moment, which I love, but our cushions definitely need some updating! I love these three cushions together and they would be great for adding a touch of spring to the room as well. Very reasonably priced too!

This Ultra HD TV Panasonic TV* would be an amazing addition to our living room. We haven't ever had a big TV before, but considering the amount of movies we watch, we definitely need to upgrade! With the beautiful sleek design and cinematic images, this 4K HDR Pro television is definitely going on my wishlist!

I absolutely love the look, and the idea of houseplants, but I can't seem to ever keep them alive! I honestly just have no memory and forget to water them all the time. I absolutely love the look of this Swiss Cheese Plant though, and it's in it's own self watering container! It would make a perfect addition to our cosy, relaxing room. 

To make the room even more cosy, candles are definitely needed! I love these Hurricane Candles Holders, as you could pop big chunky candles in them. We often light candles, but we only ever have them lit at night, when the little ones are in bed. So these would be perfect to create a cosy, romantic, cuddly atmosphere.

I have loved the look of these Heart Shelves for so long! The great thing about this shelf, is that you could decorate it how ever you like, but personally I really like the plain wood. 

Last but not least, a cosy throw to pop on the sofa. I love the look of knitted throws, and this one would definitely be a great addition to the room. Perfect for chillier evenings too. Hot cup of tea, movie on our huge television and cosying under our blanket. Perfection. A girl can wish right?

What would be on your wishlist?

*this is a collaborative post

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