Most Relatable Movie Mums

As it's Mother's Day this weekend, I wanted to write a post based on movie mums! I couldn't really do a list of the best mothers as there are so many, and they all have their good and bad qualities. So I wanted to do a different sort of post, about the mums in movies that are most relatable to me.

So here goes, in no particular order.

Claire - Date Night

Claire (Tina Fey) and her husband (Steve Carrell) are a typical married couple. Their days consist of sorting out the little ones, going to work, taking care of the little ones and being too tired to do anything else, so just go to bed early. Any married couple can totally relate to them. When you get stuck in a routine, you just don't feel like you have the time or energy to do anything else. Especially get dressed up and go out together. 

Wendy - What To Expect When You're Expecting

I love this movie, and it is totally relatable, if you're looking at the right person. Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) is the most true to life pregnant woman ever in a movie. She shows it how it really is (if a bit exaggerated). Sweaty, grumpy, always needing a wee. Going a bit crazy, lots of cravings and walking like a penguin. Haha. 

Holly - Life As We Know It

This is such a good movie. Holly (Katherine Heigl) adopts a baby, alongside this guy who she doesn't really like, and their parenting styles really clash. It's so true because everyone has an idea of what sort of parent they want to be. How they want to bring up their children, but the truth is, it's not always exactly the same as your partner! You have to work together, and combine your parenting styles to be the best parent you can be. Some of the most relatable scenes in this movie include, 'not realising you're covered in poop', 'trying to teach your little one to walk' & 'struggling to get your little ones to eat anything'.

Kate - I Don't Know How She Does It

This woman (Sarah Jessica-Parker) is the most relatable in the way that she tries to do everything. A big career that takes up a lot of time, as well as taking care of two school age children. School bake sales, illnesses brought home from school, work work work, a million and one things to do, and she just can't. It's so relatable because she has so many things going on in her head, a million and one lists on the go. Not being able to fall asleep because she can't switch off and stop thinking about all the things she has to do!

Karen - Love Actually

I love Emma Thompson in this movie. She's so good. Spending her days making obscure costumes for her children's school play, or deciding which peculiar doll her daughter's friend would like. It's so relatable because, you'd do anything for your little ones. Even turn them into a paper mache lobster.

As usual, I asked a few other bloggers which movie mums they felt were most relatable to them! They have given some great answers!

"The Mum from home alone, I only have four kids but every time I leave the house, I check the car to make sure I've not left one behind! ... I only did once" @ Kerry Shaw Mummy Of Four

"I like to think I'm Molly Weasley but I'm probably more Mrs Banks!" @ Confessions Of A Slummy Mummy

"Mrs Doubtfire?" @ Bad Dadu (Hahaha)

"Mrs Incredible (obviously!) I think that character is pretty much spot on when it comes to most of us " @ Mummy & Moose

"My very first thought was Molly Weasley too! And then Karen from Love Actually. (Without the cheating husband thankfully!) But I think in reality I'm far less chilled then her." @ Pink Pear Bear

"I watched Bad Mums last night for the first time and really related to Kiki! Manic home manic kids, always trying to be a good mum and not knowing anyone but then getting some mum friends and going out again and it's been amazing xx" @ Wafflemama

If you are a mum, which movie mother do you think you most relate to?
Or which movie mum does your mum most remind you of?

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