Movies We Love To Hate!

There are some movies that you just don't get. You don't understand why they are so popular, and you really are not a fan. It ain't your cuppa tea. When you tell people you don't like them, they'll look at you like "What?! How can you not like it?" Everyone's entitled to their opinions, so I wanted to share today some popular movies that we hate, that everyone else seems to love!
So here goes..feel free to disagree with us! 
I'm going to start with the one I really hate the most. Yes hate is a strong word, but I have a very strong dislike for this movie. I just didn't enjoy it one bit, I thought the storyline was awful. It doesn't help when a movie is so hyped up before you even get to watch it though, it just puts this expectation in your head that it'll be great! And it wasn't.

The Matrix Movies
Far far too hyped up. It's like you're expected to love it, and I just didn't! It's not because I didn't get it either, I've watched them at least twice, you've got to give it a chance haven't you. But it's just not what I wanted nor expected it to be!

The Star Wars Movies
Don't hate me! Now I don't really hate these movies, but I'm certainly not a fan. It's honestly just not my cup of tea at all!

If you know me, you know I love my Disney/Pixar movies! Truthfully this is the only one I've watched that I really didn't like. I'm honestly not sure why, maybe because it just doesn't make any sense!!

Napoleon Dynamite
Now I love my weird, slightly crazy, silly humour filled movies, but I just didn't like this! I sort of felt like it was too much! TOO ridiculous and weird! I have to say I love the dance scene though!

The Lord Of The Rings Movies
"I've fallen asleep literally EVERY TIME I've tried to watch them - including in the cinema!!" @ Real Mum Reviews

American Beauty
"It was such a huge hit at the time and I just didn't get it, and found it boring! My hubby and I argued about it at the time. He thought it was brilliant and I just rolled my eyes throughout it. About 10 years on and I still don't get it!" @ Not My Year Off

The Harry Potter Movies
"Harry Potter just doesn't appeal to me at all, which so many people think I'm crazy for, and insist I will change my mind if I just watch five minutes of it. I was so bored, so not my thing!" @ Just Average Jen

La La Land
"It's a tribute to the old MGM musicals, made by people who've never actually seen a MGM musical!" @ Mandy Charlton

Despicable Me/Minions
"I just don't get it! I've tried to love it but I can't stand it. Plus I used the word minions for years! And now people think it's something I got from those stupid movies! No! It's my word...!" @ Gorgeous George's Mama

Do you agree/disagree with us?
Is there a movie you secretly hate, that everyone else loves?

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