The Animals Of Puxton Park

We visited Puxton Park so many times. But it's really that good. It's great value for money, there's so much to see and do, and lots of animals too! The little ones really enjoy it.
We started on the train as we always do, it's a nice way to start off the day. It's just a quick ride on the miniature railway around the lake. There's often cows, ducks or sheep to spot on the way round too!

After that we headed to see the birds. I got a big scared going in (I'm scared of birds) but we still always go and have a look, it's only fair for the little ones! I just can't get too close! There's owls, vultures and even falcons! 

Walking around the path you can then spot some goats, donkeys, sheep and even Zebu's!

They've recently updated the site, and have a huge building for lots of different animals from Guinea Pigs & Rabbits, even Alpaca's! As we've been there a lot of times, it was exciting to see something new! 

Guinea Pigs are just my favourite animal ever! They're so cute & fluffy! The area where they were was SO cool. It was like a little village! (MICELAND!)

These piglets were so tiny when we last visited! (Look at the little one poking his head up! So cute!)

What I thought was a really fantastic feature to this new area, was a model cow! It's so great because you can actually try milking it! (It was only water) but I think it was such a cool idea! My little girlie enjoyed milking the cow! 

We then headed to see the meerkats which is always fun! They are such awesome little animals!

The rest of my family then headed outside to see the other birds. Chickens, Roosters & Geese, but I couldn't face it. I'm so scared of them! But that was no reason for anyone else to miss out!

Have you ever been to Puxton Park?

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