8 Things To Do This Easter Weekend

If you're looking for some fun activities to do with your family, this Easter weekend, look no further! Whether or not you want to travel very far, don't have a lot of money to spend, fancy getting some fresh air or are even just looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained this long weekend - they'll be something here for you!

8 Things To Do This Easter Weekend

Easter Egg Hunt
The classic option to spend Easter weekend is to go on an egg hunt! Have a look online to see if there's any near you, perhaps a woodland egg hunt or village hunt? If you can't find any, why not set one up for your family & friends yourself! 

Visit A Farm
What could be a more Spring activity that taking your little ones to see some animals! It'll be such an exciting trip out for the children, and especially if they can spot any baby animals!

Movie Time & Snacks
If you are worn out from doing other fun activities, why not snuggle on the sofa with your family and watch an Easter movie, with some suitable snacks - chocolate of course!

Make Some Easter Crafts
A great way to celebrate Easter with your family is to get creative & make some crafts! I've got a few ideas here, or why not check out Pinterest for some inspiration!

Go Geocaching
I've never actually been geocaching myself, but I so want to! I'd love to try it this weekend! Geocaching is essentially a great big treasure hunt! You download a free app, and follow the clues & directions to find pieces of treasure across the globe! I guarantee there's some treasure to be found near you!

Visit A Museum
Why not try something different and take in some history or art at a local museum. There's so many fascinating museums around you, but if you need some inspiration you check these top 20 free UK museums! If you fancy learning something new, they'll be a perfect museum for you to visit!

Go On A Picnic
Want to stay close to home, but also need to get some fresh air, why not go on a picnic? Picnics can be a lot of fun with your family & friends. Pack some sandwiches, salad, coffee (or tea) in a flask and chocolate, of course, it's Easter! Grab a picnic blanket and away you go! Why not try and discover a secret place, where you can have your own little adventure!

Do A Treasure Trail
Another treasure hunt sort of idea, but this one is a bit different, and a bit more suited to older children. All over the UK you can find these awesome trails, they give you clues to help you follow the trail. It's a great way to explore a new place, and it's a lot of fun to search for all the clues!

What are your plans this Easter weekend?

8 Things To Do This Easter Weekend

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