11 Most Awesome Movie Families

It was the International Day of Families on Monday, and I thought a great way to celebrate would be to share another movie list all about good old film families! The crazy, heroic, dysfunctional and totally lovable families they are!
(In no particular order)

The Parr's - The Incredibles
Of course I had to include The Incredibles! Classic teenage problems, job struggles , newborn babies, dysfunctional every day life - not to mention super powers!

The Hillard's - Mrs Doubtfire
This is such a good movie, I had to include their family! Coping with the struggles of going through a divorce The Hillards have a lot to deal with, but that doesn't stop them being a strong, slightly crazy family. 

The Griswold's - National Lampoon's Vacation
Oh The Griswolds. With their many attempts to act like a normal family, and enjoy a good old holiday together, it just never ever goes to plan. And it's hilarious.

The Hoover's - Little Miss Sunshine
One of my favourite movie families ever. With each of them having their own struggles and dreams, they all have to work together. The ending is just perfect and really shows them all coming together in a lovely, ridiculously funny way.

The Weasley's - Harry Potter
Of course The Weasley's had to be on here! One of the most iconic movie families ever! " No one comes between Mrs Weasley and her family " @ Country Heart & Home

The Skywalker's - Star Wars
Another iconic bunch. "A little dysfunctional but what family isn't?"  @ Someone's Mum

The Banks' - Father Of The Bride
Steve Martin is just an awesome human being. He makes a great father! "The Banks family in Father Of The Bride. I think its because I'm a Daddys girl" @ Mum Of 2 Point 5

The Addams' - The Addams Family
"Just perfect and they love the bones of each other" @ Wafflemama

The March's - Little Women
"Strong women - and all different personalities" @ Yorkshire Wonders

The Von Trapp's - The Sound Of Music
All Singing, All Dancing, good old Von Trapps! @ Daddy Poppins

The Penderghast's - Easy A 
Easy A is SUCH a good movie. Their family is definitely one of the best. "... Emma Stone's family in easy A were brilliant - supportive of course but really funny and open!" @ This Is Where I Blog

Who's your favourite movie family?

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