A Different Sort Of Parenting Book {Guest Post}

Oh goody, yet another parenting book. Just what everyone needs.
What's different about this one? It's written by a bloke. Brilliant. So what does he have to say? The Goodfather, by Lee Price (that’s me), is part-diary, part-guide and part-warning to expectant fathers who are preparing to be thrown into the deep end of parenthood. And, no, this paperback doesn’t float. Pointless, I know.
Scattered among the panic, fear and borderline breakdowns are lessons to be learned from my mistakes, tips of parenting purchases to avoid (nothing screams 'ready for fatherhood' like budget cutting), and a slew of brownie point generators – starting by being seen to read the book by your missus. 

Which is all very lovely, but what’s it got to do with you?Well, this author needs help. And, like any man at the wheel on a journey into new territory, I’m reluctant to ask for guidance – which is why I’ve asked Sarah at Whimsical Mumblings to lean out of the car window and flag someone down on my behalf.

Mums – and dads, as I’m sure you’re there lurking – I want your advice for expecting parents.

What do you wish you’d known pre-birth? 

What’s the best advice you had about pregnancy/labour/parenthood? And the worst?

What lessons did you learn that you’d act upon if you were to have another child, and what howling cock-up did you make that you’ll never repeat?

If you could help me out, by emailing anything along the above lines to paternitybookproject@gmail.com I’ll be hugely grateful, will credit you in the book, and I guarantee that your other half will get all the dirty nappies for the next 24 hours.

Otherwise, you can read a review of the book – without your input – on this blog this summer.

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