My Sunday Photo #18 Lazy Sunday Morning

I've really been pushing myself recently, a bit too far. I've been staying up so late, so I can get as much done as possible, then my little ones wake up at 6. Some days I don't even have 3 hours sleep. Last night I started to feel drained, and a bit sick at 8pm. I tried to ignore it and get on with what I wanted to do that evening. by 9:30 I had fallen asleep. Earphones in, laptop on, cold cup of tea on the side. I woke up at 2:30 am realising I had fallen asleep on my laptop. I had keyboard keys printed onto my face! I decided to just write that night off and sleep. My little ones even let me have a lie in until 8:30 am! I definitely needed that sleep!
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Have you had a lazy Sunday morning?

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