Top Tips For Selling Your Family Car

If it’s time to sell your used family car, you are going to need a few tips to make sure you get maximum dollars. Usually, selling a car is a great opportunity to negotiate, so we have compiled a list of tips for selling your used car.

First, Define Your Objective

As the seller, you need to determine what the least amount of cash is that you are willing to accept. Be aware that this isn’t your asking price, but should be set around 80% of what you do ask. Also think about whether you are prepared to provide financing options to the right buyer or not.

Next, Be Prepared

Naturally, the condition of a used car when it comes to the question, “how much is my car worth?” If you want to ensure you get the best price possible, make the effort to clean the car both inside and out, have it polished, and even get it detailed. Street appeal is significantly important when you want to sell your car. Also, make sure you have all the maintenance records on hand so that the buyer can see the history of the car. You may also want to consider having the VIN number and search done as evidence that the car has not been in a bad accident previously. By doing these things before hand, you can anticipate any questions the buyer may have, and thereby reduce any negotiating issues.

Thirdly, Don’t Be First

Since you know that there will be a negotiation process, you are likely to set your asking price a little higher than what you want to get. So, remain firm on your price until the buyer makes an offer.

Remember the Terms

The terms of your deal can persuade a buyer to actually offer more than if he/she were to pay cash. If you trust the buyer or you want to maintain a particular price for your car or even make a little interest, you could choose to offer to finance the purchase for the potential buyer. By allowing the buyer to make payments, they may be more willing to pay a little more. However, always make sure that you are comfortable with this strategy before executing it.

Be Observant

Carefully watch the buyer’s reaction during the negotiation process. You can usually see a few tell-tale signs when a buyer is reaching their upper limit of getting uncomfortable with the whole process. Be careful not to over negotiate if you feel that the deal is acceptable.

As a seller of a used car, you need to recognize that there are a lot of cars on the market – your buyer will not be short on options. In fact, they can go wherever they want to in order to buy a car. If you do feel that the buyer is legitimate, and that the price is acceptable, don’t let that buyer get away!

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