10 Amazing Movie Dads

As it's Father's Day on Sunday, I thought it'd be appropriate to share some awesome movie dads with you! They all have their good and bad and hilarious qualities. Which movie dad is your favourite?

Chris Gardner - Pursuit Of Happiness
First of all, Will Smith is such a good actor isn't he. I love how his real life son plays his son in the movie too. It's really sweet. This is an amazing movie, if heartbreaking. Chris is a single dad who has to deal with awful struggles while trying to take care of his son. He is a fantastic dad and this movie shows the lengths a father will go for his child. It's sad because this could easily be real life.

Clark Griswold - National Lampoon's Vacation
On a happier note, I had to include Clark Griswold on this list. All he wants is to take his family on a fun, successful holiday! But it just doesn't go to plan. He tries his best, and that's what matters! Haha

Bryan Mills - Taken
A completely different sort of movie here. It's not sad, or sweet, or funny. But it shows how far Bryan will go to rescue & protect his daughter. Really..really far.

Bob Parr - The Incredibles
Mrs Incredible feature on my movie mums list, Mr Incredible had to be on the list of course! He works a dead end job to care for & protect his family in the beginning, but I mean come on, he's a SUPERHERO.

Dill Penderghast - Easy A
The most laid back & down to earth movie dad you'll find! With a great sense of humour and an open mind he definitely is an amazing dad.

Daniel Hillard - Mrs Doubtfire
The lengths he will go to, to remain close to his family is so sweet, and ridiculous. Also he's a good parent really, and very entertaining! 

Noah Levenstein - American Pie
Aww bless him. He tries to do what's right, help his son out. Teach him the birds & the bees. He doesn't do so well. But he had the best intentions! 

Mufasa - The Lion King
He's full of wisdom, spends lots of quality time with his son, teaches him the ways of the world and really cares for him. He's such a good dad, that's why this movie is heartbreaking. Sad times.

Gru - Despicable Me
He starts on not knowing how to be a dad, not knowing if he can cope. But it turns out he's an awesome dad and will do anything for his little girls. That moment when he makes a storybook for them! Aww. He also dresses up as a fairy princess for his daughters and any dad who does that is a winner in my book! Haha.

Marlin - Finding Nemo
I bet there isn't one person who doesn't relate to Marlin in some way. He always tries his best to look out for his son, and travels the entire ocean to find him.  

Who is your favourite movie dad?

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