DIY Garden Crafts {Tutorial}

I've been loving getting out in the garden recently! We've been planting lots of flowers, making some lots of decorations and little crafts to help introduce wildlife into our garden! I wanted to make a few pretty things for the garden too!  
I came across this super cute idea on Pinterest! It's really super easy to do, you just need some sticks, paint, wire & string! Cut the twig to the correct size, I recommend drawing a heart template on paper first, so you can measure the sticks. You'll then need to paint the sticks in your chosen colour! I painted mine white first, then rainbow colours! Lastly you'll need to wrap wire around the sticks to hold them together, and hang it up with some twine or string! I absolutely love how this little heart has turned out! What do you think?
I love the idea of having bunting in the garden, and it always looks so pretty! Trouble is, most bunting is fabric and after leaving it out in the rain for a while, it tends to get a bit yuck. Aaaaages ago I came up with the idea of making bunting out of a tablecloth. Seems crazy, but here me out. You can buy tablecloths that are just plastic, those wipe clean ones you know? Perfect! I found a cute spotty tablecloth and set to work creating some bunting for the garden. It turned out pretty cute don't you think?
Last but not least I made these cute toadstools out of air dry clay. Before they dried I put garden wire through the bottom of them. Waited for them to dry, painted and varnished them! They might not last that long in the garden, but I've popped some in my indoor plants too! (They'd look extra cute in a terrarium!)

Have you made any decorations for your garden?

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