Finding The Perfect Cat Career With Whiskas Kitten Kollege

I've had cats throughout my life. I had two cats when I was growing up, they were the sweetest cats ever, Miffy & Smudge. They even invited a homeless cat to come & live with us, and we raised Mog as our own. After they had grown old, and we moved house, we inherited two more cats - Merlin & Magic. Two black and white cats. Merlin is the friendliest cat ever, and he even wraps his arms around you to cuddle you! Moving out, and moving in with my OH we had two more kittens - Rudy & Misty. Rudy was the most hilarious cat in the world & Misty was so sweet & cuddly. Sadly we had to give them up when we became homeless. Finally now we have a stable home & our two little ones we have some more cats. We have Rory, the dad, Jess, the mum, Kitty & Gizmo the kittens. So yes, I am definitely a cat person. Haha.
Having cats is a big responsibility. Taking care of them, providing them with lots of attention & snuggles. Making sure their pet insurance is up to date, as well as ensuring they have fresh water, kitten food & biscuits every day. Whiskas have invited us to collaborate & discuss if our cats were to visit 'Kitten Kollege' what career would they have? 
I decided to focus on our little kitten Gizmo as he has such a strong personality. He's the sweetest little guy, and definitely the most friendly and sociable of all our cats. As soon as our neighbours moved in, he immediately popped over to introduce himself to their kittens! He's very a very confident and chatty little guy. 
I'm not sure what sort of career little Gizmo would have! Definitely something that involved being sociable and meeting new friends, partying till early morning (he loves his late nights), sunbathing and posing for photographs! Perhaps a model? Haha.

What sort of career do you think your cats would have?
*This post is a collaboration with Whiskas, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information about their cat food and their Youtube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos*

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