Saving Money With Plusnet

We really want to go on holiday this year. Truth is, I've never taken my little ones on holiday as we've never been able to afford it, and I do feel so guilty. The only way we are ever going to be able to go is if we scrimp & save every spare penny we have. 
We were recently given the opportunity to work with Plusnet, sharing ways to help save some dosh! They supplied us with some goodies to help us on our saving journey!
I was so excited to recieve this package, and the items are amazing! They will definitely help us get going, keep track of our spending and save some pennies! The package contained:
* A Light Box 
* Chocolate Coins
* A Calculator
* A Money Box
* A Meal Plan Notebook
* A Budget Planning Notebook
* A Cotton Reusable Bag
* 'The Best Things In Life Are Free' Book

The meal planning notepad is fantastic! I do meal plan every week and write my shopping list accordingly but I tend to just write these out on scraps of paper. The problem with that is I often lose the scrap of paper I wrote the plan on, and then I forget what I am supposed to be cooking! This notepad is fantastic & so detailed, and will definitely be put to good use!

How adorable is this money box! Even just looking at it will spur me on to save! Even though it's super cute, its a bit small for anything other than notes. But i'll definitely be putting it on display!

When I first moved out, I used to spend a whole night planning my meals for the week. I used to save so much money. Now, in all honesty, I don't have a whole night to give up but I do give myself an hour to plan on Sunday nights. I also used to take a mini calculator around when I was shopping so I could add it up along the way, then I started to use my phone to calculate, then I just sort of stopped. I am DEFINITELY going to be using this calculator to add up my weekly shopping. It really makes a difference because you can tell how much you are spending as you go along, making you less likely to splurge and it's not a big shock when you get to the till!

This book is amazing. I was so excited when I received it! Anyone who loves travelling and exploring the world, I definitely recommend it! The book gives you ideas of different things you can do in the world - for free! I never travel, but these places look amazing it makes me want to get out & have adventures. 

This budget planner is really great. I've never really planned my budget, or written down my incomings and outgoings but it's definitely something I need to do. 

Do you have any savings tips?
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received these products in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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