Struggling for Father’s Day? Check Out These Essential Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to think about how we can show our love and support for dads nationwide. Yes, the date changes every year, but a good trick to remember is that it always falls on the third Sunday in June. This way, you’ll never forget when it’s time to get a special gift for the dads in our lives.

Dads can be hard to buy for. They so often say they’re not interested, or that they simply “don’t need anything”. If you feel that you need some advice when buying a gift this year, look no further. From thrill-seekers, to outside-the-box-ers, to vapers, there’s something on this essential list that’ll make the day of any dad. 

The Thrill Seeking Experience
Many Father’s Day gift lists are pretty generic. They focus on buying products that dads might “need” that will be useful to them in the long term. Why not just go all out and buy the dad in question an experience? By this, I mean something to do, or to eat, not just an object to wrap up and hand over. Make it a complete one-off that he may never do again, but might love all the same anyway. Here are a couple of the best options to mull over…

Why not send dad off with some paintballing vouchers? Running around a customised battlefield firing balls of paint at each other sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day. If you really want to make him feel special, go on his team and shoot him in the back! He’ll never let you forget that one.

Next up is my personal favourite: flying lessons! It’s crazy that in just one lesson, you are allowed to take control of the plane. Considering what an amazing experience it would be, flying lessons are very reasonably priced and would certainly be a memorable gift. Perhaps, though, they might unsuitable for those who are afraid of heights!

Something a Little Different
Or why not treat dad to something a bit different from the stereotypical fatherly activities? How about a spa treatment, or some massage therapy? What about cosmetic products or even a pedicure? Surveys suggest that only a tenth of spa users in the UK are men, which is crazy because we all know that, deep down, most men love getting pampered!

Understandably, you might be reluctant to buy a full spa day as a gift. But you can also host your own at home! Bath bombs really are one of the best stress-reducing products imaginable — and for the price, it’s difficult to think of a better value-for-money present.

From Vapes to VR: Dads Love Tech
However, if you think that these gift ideas are a little outlandish, you can always rely on dads to love a bit of gadgetry. The best thing about tech is that you can always find something for anyone. No matter what someone is interested (or not interested) in, there’s always a bit of technology specifically designed for it.

Nowadays, you can get some very cool tech at some really reasonable prices. If someone told you could buy a virtual reality headset for as little as £10, would you believe them? Well, you can: the Stealth VR50 comes in at just £9.99. Just plug your phone in and away you go!

Perhaps the dad in question likes to vape, maybe he needs a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Adding to or starting someone’s vape collection is a modern and excellent gift idea. If you choose to give your dad a new e-cigarette device, you can’t go far wrong with the the Innokin Cool Fire 4. The Cool Fire 4 is guaranteed to bring one of the most pleasing experiences vaping can offer. It’s so inconspicuous, easy to use and consistent — truly the perfect father’s day gift for a dad who vapes.

There’s still time to pick out a Father’s Day gift, so make your choice carefully. Just remember that perhaps dad doesn’t need all the dad things he has already. Maybe we can get some dads across the country trying something new this Father’s Day and make it the best celebration of dads ever!

*In collaboration with Electric Tobacconist LTD *

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