Blogging Goals 2017 #2

Setting goals is one of my favourite things to do - is that sad? Haha. I love planning, jotting down ideas and writing lists. I think setting goals for any aspect of your life is a great idea. A rough plan, giving you something to aspire to and work towards. I also find you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. 
I shared my six month blogging goals at the start of the year, you can find them here, I am pretty pleased to say I have achieved most of them!
As of 01/07/17 my stats are;
Reach 1,500 likes on Facebook (1481 likes
Reach 1,500 followers on Twitter (2739 followers)
Reach 600 followers on Pinterest (627 followers)

My facebook has been going up and down, so it's understandable I have not reached this goal. So close, yet so far! I have really been loving Twitter recently, and being active on it has really made a difference. Pinterest has been improving a lot too which is great. I also set a goal for Bloglovin, but I've kind of given up on it to be honest. It wasn't really worth the hassle. One of my goals for the new year was to create an Instagram account, which I did finally. I really enjoy Instagram and my stats are growing slowly but surely. 

Aside from social media stats I also set myself a few 
- Try to boost Tots 100 rank by 100+ 
I managed to boost my score by 560+! And I'm even in the Top 500 which is a big boost for me!
- Create Instagram Account! ✔ 
You can find me here if you fancy following ;)
- Take more pictures, everyday ✔X 
I take more than I used to, but still not as much as I'd like!
- Start my own linky! ✔ 
Totally smashed this one! Yay! I not only started my own craft linky, but I'm also a co-host to a travel/days out linky
- Write a proper blogging schedule X  Nope. Not even slightly.
- Create a media calendar and USE IT X  Nope.
- Create a media kit X  Nope!
- Have business cards made ✔X 
Well I've had them designed, I just havent printed them yet! Haha
- Different tasks for different days, set times. X  
No not really, although I do save Friday & Saturday for writing posts but aside from that I have no plan!
- Stop wasting evenings! ✔ 
Well I'm always busy, and I don't tend to get too distracted either! Aside from Netflix!
- Communicate more on social media X
 I'm improving, but I still could definitely improve even more!
- Make some blogging friends X  
I'm gonna say no again. I still chat to the blogging friends I used to, but I would really like to meet up with some of them! new blogging goals for the remainder of the year are as follows; (also can you believe we are over halfway through the year!)

Follower Goals
Reach 2,000 likes on Facebook
Reach 3,500 followers on Twitter 
Reach 750 followers on Pinterest 
Reach 700 followers on Instagram
Other Blogging Goals
- Try to boost Tots 100 rank by 100+ again!
- Take more photos and concentrate more on Instagram
- Write a proper blogging schedule
- Create a media calendar and USE IT
- Create a media kit or get one made
- Print out business cards & hand some out!
- Communicate more on social media
- Make some blogging friends
- Make a more regular & stable income
- Write down my ultimate long term goals when it comes to blogging.

Wish me luck!

Do you have any blogging or social media goals?

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