My Top Three Favourite Movies

If you've followed my blog for a while, or know me in person I'm sure you know what my three favourite movies are! I tell people all the time! Haha. It's a well known fact that I love my movies. All kinds of them. From Disney to Horrors, from Uber Cheesy to Psychological Thrillers. I love them all. So it would make sense that my three favourite movies were completely different from each other wouldn't it! So here are my Top Three Favourite Movies!
The Breakfast Club
The oldest of the movies of this list, definitely an 80's Classic. I love everything about this movie. All the characters & actors. The Nerd, The Princess, The Jock, The Basket Case & The Criminal. It's such a feel good movie, typically 80's and the dancing is amazing. I learnt all these dance moves as a teen haha. The quotes are so good too, and the scene where they are all high is so funny. If you think back to your school years, I know you'll relate to this movie in some way. It's about believing in yourself, and finding out who you are. Being yourself. The final scene is iconic too. If you haven't seen this movie, you have to. I know you'll love it.

10 Things I Hate About You
I used to watch this movie on repeat, it's so good, and so 90's. Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon Levitt, what more could you want? Julia Stiles is just perfect in this too. I love her. It's a classic teenage girl movie - one's a rebel, ones the popular girl. Oh and a slightly crazy single dad trying to deal with them both. But all in all it's a really sweet movie, about finally finding love when you're not really looking for it. Also..Heath Ledger's musical number cannot be missed. It's just a nice, feel good, typically 90's movie. 

Pulp Fiction
Another one that I'd gladly watch on repeat, although it's a bit long! I remember the first time I watched it was really late at night, with headphones and I didn't know what to think! I've since fallen in love with Quentin Tarantino movies but this one will always be my favourite. I love how many brilliant actors and actresses are in it. Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Bruce Willis & Samuel L Jackson. How could it not be an amazing movie? The storyline is great, the soundtrack is amazing and I freaking love Uma Thurman in it. Can you tell by my blog header, and my hairstyle?! Haha.

Have you watched any of these movies? What are your top 3 favourite movies?

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