Revamp Your Little Ones Clothes With Dylon

Isn't it annoying when your little ones clothes get those inevitable stains? You know those super stubborn stains that no matter how many times you wash them, they just wont budge? Have you ever thought of giving those clothes a whole new life & dying them! We revamped some clothes using Dylon fabric dye and turned them into something completely new!
Both my little ones had a couple of plain white t-shirts, why oh why do we ever put our little ones in white! Both of their t-shirts of course had the 'inevitable' stains, pretty much dirt & food but they fitted so well I didn't want to just throw them out. So with the help of Dylon dye I made them look brand new! 
Dylon have these amazing new products called 'All In One Fabric Dye Pods' and they are so easy to use. You simply take the label of the pod, pop it in the washing machine with a few damp items you want to dye and run on a normal wash. You'll have to wash them another time just to set the dye, and then you're good to go! 

There are so many colours to choose from but we used 'Paradise Blue' & 'Peony Pink'. After dying them & letting the t-shirts dry, I set to work customising them! I picked two lovely quotes to write on the t-shirts. Popping a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirts I then used a black fabric paint pen to write on the quotes.

I love how they turned out! 
What do you think?

*We were given these Dye Pods to review*

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