1 Year Anniversary - Paper Themed Gift Ideas

It was our 1 year wedding anniversary recently! Well, by the time this post is published it was actually yesterday! Time goes by so fast, and I can't believe I've been married for a year! It's been a good year though. I've always loved the idea of those 'traditions' when it comes to wedding anniversaries. Paper, Cotton...Crystal..Bronze etc. I love the more modern lists too such as Clocks, China & Glass. I really wanted to stick to this tradition for our anniversaries but coming up with ideas can be difficult! So for our first anniversary, I wanted to give a gift along the 'Paper' theme, and I decided to compose a list! Partly to help myself, and partly to inspire other future married couples! 1 Year Anniversary - Paper Themed Gift Ideas.
Personalised Papercut
Get a photo from your wedding, or of you & your family turned in a beautiful papercut.

Lyrics Print
Write or print out the lyrics to your first dance song & frame them - Family Travel With Ellie

Tickets to a gig or show, or even plane tickets for a holiday! - Mum On A Mission

Personalised Map
A map marking all the places you have been together - Life With Baby Kicks

Love Letters
Why not fill a notebook with love letters to each other, or even write out all the lovey dovey texts you've sent each other.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers of any sort! Vouchers for attractions, spa's, restaurants! - Mum, That's Me!

Newspaper From The Day Of Your Wedding
Get a newspaper printed from the date of your wedding - Momma Mack

A Drawing
Maybe you could get a drawing done of you two, or your family. Or if you're talented, you could draw it yourself! - Dilan & Me

Jar Of Hearts
Fill a jar with paper hearts, and on each heart write something you've done together. From cuddling up watching a film, to finding out you were expecting! - Mummy Of 5 Miracles

Printed Soundwaves
Have the soundwaves of your first dance song printed & framed. Very unique! - Married To A Geek

Magazine Subscription
Order a year's subscription to your other half's favourite magazine - Life, Love & Dirty Dishes

Paper Confirmation
Why not book a hotel and stay away for a night or two. Paper confirmation - still counts! - KatyKicker

Personalised Playing Cards
Order a pack of personalised playing cards, using a photo from your wedding day! - The Tale Of Mummyhood

A Scrapbook Of The Year Gone
Create a scrapbook of all the fun things you've done together over the past year.

A Scrapbook For The Future
A scrapbook for you to complete over the year. Fill it with positive reinforcements, great moments or places you've visited. - Reclusive Fox

Personalised Stationery
Because who doesn't love beautiful stationery!

Framed Wedding Certificate
Why not frame your wedding certificate, and put it proudly on display! - Whinge Whinge Wine

Homemade Collage
Create a collage of all your favourite memories together so far, or even a collection of photos from your wedding day - Mimi Rose & Me

Have you or anyone you know celebrated a one year anniversary recently?

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