July In Review 2017

Can you believe it's August already? AUGUST! The 8th month of the year, only a few more to go and it'll be Christmas! Isn't that crazy! July was all in all a pretty good month, and the weather was pretty damn good too! Shame about August though. The sun always tends to disappear over the Summer holidays, doesn't it?! I've been busy working away behind the scenes of this blog over the past month, and it's really starting to pay off. I feel like I'm finally heading in the right direction, and I know what I want to do now, and how to achieve it! How was your July?

We've been busy trying to sort out our finances this month, and actually try to save some money this year, especially as we are going away on our first ever family holiday soon! Hopefully the sun will come back for when we are away.

As I said though, the sun doesn't tend to appear much during the Summer holidays, which always makes it difficult to find ways to entertain the little ones. So, we've been spending a lot of time indoors and we've made loads of super fun, yet easy Summer inspired crafts - including these cute little buzzy bees! What do you think? 

I also shared a few more grown up Summer crafts too!

Speaking of Summer - I shared a few other Summer themed posts, to cheer us up & make us feel better when the weather doesn't always cooperate. 11 Ways to Get Summer Inspired is all about really enjoying and appreciating this time of year - making the most of the good weather days! And when the rain won't stop pouring, and you begin to think the sunshine won't ever return - why not pop on a movie that'll give you those Summer vibes back?

I'm getting a bit sidetracked from all these Summer posts! Aside from all of these, one of my personal favourite posts from last month was this one - 10 Disney Quotes To Inspire You. I am very much a Disney mama, I love it. I love all the movies, the songs - I am constantly, constantly singing one Disney song or another, and I am also a sucker for a good motivational quote! So what better way to get inspired than with a little help from Disney! Here's one of my personal favourites;

Check the post to read them all! All in all, July has been good, but it really has flown by! We've got a lot of appointments, play dates and paperwork to organise this month - not to mention our holiday so it's gonna be a busy one! I can't believe my little guy is going to be joining his big sister at nursery next month!

I hope you have a fantastic August, have you got any amazing plans?

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