Why a Pregnancy Diary Can Help First Time Mums

When asked, nearly all of new mums who had not kept a pregnancy journal say that they regret not doing so. For some women, with so many pregnancy preparations already in full swing, taking on yet another task seems a step too far.

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But what did mum who kept a pregnancy journal get from the experience? HARTMANN Direct found out…

Understand body changes during pregnancy
No two pregnancies are the same and for some women, the changes can be thrilling but frightening in equal measure. Some of the best pregnancy journals have solid, well-researched advice and guidance at their core and for many pregnant women, these pearls of wisdom and advice help them to make sense of what is happening to them, and why.
Loving your pregnancy
It is an exciting time but there are many other emotions tied in with being pregnant. As well as being thrilled with the prospect of being a mum, you may also be terrified. Many pregnancy journals invite you to write a letter to your baby and thus helps you to dig deep and really listen to what your feelings are telling you. This ‘being present’ in your pregnancy helps you to deal with the emotions that this time in your life presents.
Confirms your ideals and ideas
For many women, pregnancy doesn’t always happen at ‘the right time’. Juggling family and work commitments, along with a pregnancy can place all kinds of pressures on a woman, some of which can be difficult to handle. For some, a pregnancy can feel like an obstacle, even though the baby is wanted and loved from conception, it presents feelings and issues that are difficult to deal with. A pregnancy journal helps you to work through these less-talked about feelings.
Create a helpful resource list
In most pregnancy journals, there will be sections on creating resource lists, either online or books etc., that you found useful during pregnancy. If you are planning more children, this resource list can be invaluable, as it can be sharing it with friends and relatives during their pregnancies.

Document your growing bump
When you first discover your pregnancy, you will look for instant signs of the developing bump. But actually, your bump could take some time to grow! Your pregnancy journal doesn’t have to be just words, it can be photos too so why not take a monthly photo of your growing belly, a great keep sake!
A priceless document
Not everyone is surrounded by family. Not being able to talk to your own parents about your childhood and their reflections of it means that some women feel they miss out on these important aspects. Your pregnancy journal is, therefore, a priceless document for your own children. It records your thoughts as your pregnancy progresses and the birth impending.
Shows you care
Just imagine how delightful it would be to sit down and read a journal, created by your own Mum and Dad, that showed how much they cared right from the start? Imagine reading about the first time they felt you kick or the hilarity that ensued when the cot was put together. It is a powerful, emotional document and one that will be treasured.
Documents milestones
We’ve already mentioned a few milestones, such as the first kick but there are other milestones too. But there are other pregnancy milestones too, some of which we cannot see as they happen deep within the womb. For example, by 11 weeks the foetus is more or less fully formed with all major organs in place and by week 28, your baby has the ability to dream. How wonderful would that be the note in your journal?
Helps you look after yourself
We know that we have to look after ourselves during pregnancy. It is a time when the body is under pressure and to meet these demands, we need to eat well, stay active but rest plenty too. Your journal is one way you can hold yourself accountable. Are you resting enough? Have you eaten well
Helps your self-confidence
As soon as you are pregnant, as soon as you become mum there will be decisions that you are expected to make, the outcome of which should be in favour of your baby. Giving them the best start in life is top of your agenda but how do you know you are making the ‘right’ decision? This produces feelings of not being good enough, of failing and this means your self-assurance as a new mum is under pressure. With a pregnancy journal, you can reflect on decisions made, and how they were ‘right’ at the time, for you and your baby.
A pregnancy journal is a valuable tool in pregnancy, why not keep one?

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