23 Movies Based On Books You Need To Watch {And Read!}

23 Movies Based On Books You Need To Watch {And Read!}

I used to wonder why movies were made that were based on popular books or comics, I always thought 'can't they come up with something more original?', but the truth is some of the best movies are based on books! Sometimes I read a really good book and think 'I WISH they'd make this into a movie!' Occasionally my wish comes true! But more often than not, I find a really good movie and later discover it was originally a book. So I'm sharing today a few movies based on books, that you need to watch!

*This is a collaborative post

Fight Club
Fight Club is such a good movie. I didn't know it was a book at the time of watching it, but it's now one of my favourite films. Starring Edward Norton, Brad Pitt & Helena Bonham Carter - three amazing actors, and it has one of the most memorable endings ever.

I actually read this book before the movie, as it was recommended to me. I couldn't put it down and had read it in a few days. (That's a record for me!) Funny story though, my OH got the movie and we were just about to watch it. He paused it on the opening credits so I just read the last few pages of the book before we started the movie. Although the movie did miss out a few bits of the book, it was still an incredible film, and such a moving book. I definitely recommend reading & watching!

Children Of Men
Another movie that I wasn't aware was a book at the time. I didn't have high hopes for the film, I'm not a big Clive Owen fan but the movie was really interesting, and tense and such a moving storyline. I loved it.

And for something completely different. Another book I read in advance of the movie, and another book I read in a matter of hours. I'm not sure what sort of book you'd call this, a YA book? A creepy fairytale? Either way the book was amazing. I was so excited when the movie came out, and although it's not half as creepy as the book, it's still worth a watch. The movie has a sort of Tim Burton-esque to it, and it's from the director of Nightmare Before Christmas!

Girl, Interrupted
Now this one I was aware was a book, but I haven't read it. The film is fantastic though, with such an amazing cast including Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphy and Whoopie Goldberg. It's moving, upsetting and brilliant. You need to watch it. 

Life Of Pi
I didn't really know what to expect of this movie, and in all honesty, I didn't even know how I felt about after I watched it the first time. But after watching it a few more times I'd say it's a lovely, heart warming yet upsetting movie. I'd love to read the book.

Shawshank Redemption
I can't believe the same author who wrote Misery & IT, came up with other classics such as Shawshank & The Green Mile. This is just such an iconic film. If you haven't watched it, you just have to. If you don't watch any other movie on this list, you have to watch this one. It will pull at all your emotions and leave you wanting more.

Silver Linings Playbook
Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper are amazing, in any movie together. I love this movie so much, and it just makes you feel good inside. We all need to watch a movie like that now and then. 

If you haven't watched any Alfred Hitchcock movie before, make it this one. It's an iconic masterpiece and so creepy you'll be thinking about it for days afterwards. (If you've watched Bates Motel, you need to watch this!!). I watched this when I was younger and if I'm honest, I cried. I cried because I was overwhelmed & scared, but amazed at the same time!

The Lord Of The Rings 
The movies are amazing, but I am yet to read the books. I feel like they are the sort of books you have to read at some point in your life. - The Homemakers Journal

Time Traveler's Wife
I absolutely love this movie. It's such a lovely story, and Rachel McAdams plays the wife so well. I imagine there's quite a bit in the book that was left out in the movies too (isn't that always the way?). - Our Altered Life

Harry Potter
Funny story, I've only ever read the first few pages, of the first Harry Potter book. I read it when it first came out (I must have only been about 6/7) and I got so terrified of the talking cat! Haha. I feel like these too are classic books that you need to read at some point, and I know that there's a lot the missed out of the movies. Which are amazing by the way! - Seaside Living With A Turtle & A Unicorn

The Lovely Bones
I started reading this book a few years back, and it made me really emotional. Then the movie came out. It is a really good film, don't get me wrong. But it'll will make you cry, I guarantee it. - A Slummy Mummy

Another Stephen King! In all honesty I don't think I could read any of his books (I like to read nice books. Haha) but his movies are some of my favourites. Misery is such an iconic movie, shocking and hard to watch at times - but it's one you need to watch. - Sinead Latham

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Anything with Jack Nicholson in, you can guarantee I'll watch it. It's such an interesting, uplifting, yet completely upsetting movie. Definitely one of Nicholson's best. - Teddybears & Cardigans

P.S I Love You
Awww this movie! I forgot about this movie. It's cheesy, cringey, yet totally lovely. It makes me so emotional every time I watch it. - Something About Baby

I love this movie. The first few times I watched it, I couldn't get it out of my head for days. But it's such a classic film. I wonder how the book compares? I can't imagine it with Ewan McGreggor! - Lylia Rose

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Ahh Roald Dahl books are the books of my childhood. The original movie is so good, so like the book, and a tad creepy too - it's fantastic. - Twinderelmo

A Christmas Carol 
It's such a fantastic story, the best Christmas story. It's been remade into a movie many times, but my personal favourite is Muppet Christmas Carol! - Mrs Mulled Wine

High Fidelity
Nick Hornby books are iconic, and they do make fantastic movies. I've never personally read this book but I have read a lot by Hornby so I'll have to give this one a go. Love the movie though! - Woman In Progress

War Horse
I've never watched nor read this, but I've heard fantastic things about it. Michael Morpurgo is a fantastic author too. - Mrs Hible

The Bourne Series
I love the films, but I've heard that the books are quite different to the films. That's not to say you shouldn't watch or read them! They might be different, but they are good! - Toby Goes Bananas

The Green Mile
And another Stephen King classic to top it all off. This movie is amazing - a classic, one you definitely definitely have to watch. Tom Hanks & Michael Clarke Duncan really make this movie. I can imagine that the book is such a fantastic read too. - My Chaotically Eclectic Life

Do you have a favourite movie that's based on a book?
23 Movies Based On Books You Need To Watch {And Read!}

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