Christmas Gift Guide - Bloggers

Bloggers can be difficult to buy for. We are so different, completely different ideas, goals and lifestyles. I decided to put together a little, more general gift guide for bloggers - and I guarantee there will be a little something for every blogger you know (or perhaps to treat yourself!). Bloggers Gift Guide.  {This post contains affiliate links}
Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve // Heat Sensitive Panda Mug // The Badass Blog Planner
Olympus Pen // YubiKey // Goals Journal
The Busy Girl's Guide To Digital Photography // Twitter Handle Necklace // Personalised Hoodie

I have only ever had those hideously awful laptop bags. You know those massive chunky black ones with a million pockets. These Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeves are absolutely gorgeous, elegant and protective. They come in a variety of colours from blue, purple, coral and this cute green print. Just the right size for your laptop, charger and notebook!
If there's one thing bloggers need to get through the day (and night), it's caffeine. So, of course, you need something cute to drink your beverage of choice out of! This adorable Heat Sensitive Panda Mug would be perfect for any tea or coffee addict.

I've been researching The Badass Blog Planner and frankly it sounds right up my street. It's not so much guidance or tips, but lots of pages to plan, organise and work through to help inspire and motivate you as a blogger. 

Every blogger needs a camera! That might be just your phone camera, or a digital camera, but perhaps you'd like to treat your blogger friend to a more fancier camera? I absolutely love the sound of the Olympus Pen, it's got great reviews and recommendations and it's just so pretty. If any lovely human being fancies treating me this year, I'd be eternally grateful. ;)

As a blogger, we tend to have a lot of different accounts, subscriptions, emails - all of which that we need a password for. The YubiKey offers a quick & easy, and safer way to protect all your accounts using a two step authentication. It looks like a little usb drive so it's perfect to just pop on your keyring and it's the ideal gadget for that extra safety protection - either for personal or business use.

If you know me at all, you know I am all about setting goals, things to strive towards and I tend to just scribble my goals on random bits of paper, or in a few pages of a notebook. But this Goals Journal is so beautiful, and it's perfect for jotting down your goals & plans. Steps to achieve them and improve your general life, blogging goals or even financial goals. Goals are important!

I am a terrible photographer, I'll admit it. I only have my phone camera at the moment and although the camera's quite good, I don't really know what I'm doing! I love the sound of The Busy Girl's Guide To Digital Photography. It has fantastic tips & ideas to help improve your photography, even for beginners like myself.

If they love a little self-advertising or promotion, a Twitter Handle Necklace would be perfect for your blogger friends. Show of your social media handle for your blog in a super cute way!

Last but not least, why not treat your blogger pal to a Personalised Hoodie! A little bit more self-promotion, but I received my own hoodie earlier on this year and I absolutely love it! It's a great way to advertise and feel proud of what your blog has become, but in a super comfy and cosy way! 

Do you have any Blogger friends who you are struggling to buy for?

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