Creating A Cosy Guest Room For The Holidays

I absolutely love the idea of having guests to stay over the Christmas period. I know exactly how I would lay out the room, and all the little details I would add. (I plan these sorts of things in my head sometimes!). So I decided to share a few of the ways I would create a cozy guest room for the holidays.

Make sure the room is spotlessly clean and free of clutter. You don't really want your guests to have to try to sleep & relax around your clutter. They will have brought their own clothes and items, so they'll need to have somewhere to store their things. Make sure the walls aren't too cluttered either.

Ensure your guests have a comfortable place to sleep. If you don't have a huge guest room, perhaps consider a guest bed, this means that you can then pull out another bed to ensure you have enough sleep space for everyone. Make sure your guests have soft sheets, clean bedding and pop a large quilt or blanket at the end of the bed in case your guests get chilly in the night. Happy Beds have plenty of beds, mattresses or furniture if you feel your guest room needs something a little special.

 As mentioned earlier, your guests will need somewhere to store their belongings during their stay so perhaps you could provide them with a chest of drawers & a small wardrobe for their fancier clothes. I's Christmas after all - Christmas is all about fancy clothing! 

Don't forget to supply your guests with the essentials too. Fresh towels & new toiletries, perhaps even a fluffy bathrobe. How lovely would that be? Oh & don't forget the WiFi details! 

Add a few finishing touches to the room. Some decorative throw pillows, gorgeous smelling candles by the bedside & perhaps some seasonal fresh flowers at the other end of the room. Also - don't forget to add a few Christmassy touches too! Definitely no cheesy items or over the top decorations though. Perhaps a little bit of holly or a minature christmas tree or even some decorative lanterns.

Have you ever had guests to stay over Christmas before?

*This is a collaborative post*

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