My Favourite Movie Soundtracks

Some movies just wouldn't be what they are without the soundtracks. Soundtracks set the atmosphere, make you feel how the filmmakers want you to feel. I mean can you imagine some iconic films without the music? What would Grease be without 'You're The One That I Want?' What would Sound Of Music be without Julia Andrews high notes? I'm sharing some of my favourite movie soundtracks!

I have to start with one of my favourite movie's of all time. Pulp Fiction! The soundtrack is amazing, and I used to listen to it on repeat. It's so different, I love it. The theme tune is perfect, 'Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon' is fantastic, but 'You Never Can Tell' is just iconic.

500 Days Of Summer! I actually really love this movie, contrary to popular opinion - and the soundtrack is amazing. Feist, Wolfmother, Regina Spektor - all fantastic. But 'You Make My Dreams Come True' is my favourite from the movie, as it's sentimental to me.

Breakfast Club Ohh another favourite movie! I don't know if the soundtracks influence the fact that these are my favourite movies, but I expect they do a bit! 'Dont You Forget About Me' is an amazing song, and perfectly placed in this movie, but whoever's choice is was to use 'We Are Not Alone' in the dance scene is a genius!

I absolutely love the soundtrack from Trainspotting! I imagine the second movie soundtrack to be just as good, but I haven't watched it yet! With David Bowie, Iggy Pop and so many more iconic bands it really makes the movie what it is.

10 Things I Hate About You has a completely different sort of soundtrack, but it's brilliant none the less. Lots of amazing girl bands I'd never heard of before then. Oh and of course, Heath Ledger's solo. Haha.

I've got to include a Disney movie in here, I just have to. My personal favourite Disney soundtrack has got to be The Jungle Book! Every song is memorable, fantastically played, iconic. You only have to listen to a few seconds of any song from the movie and you will recognise it!

All of these movies are made even more amazing by the choices and placements of iconic songs, but what about the other movie with fantastic scores. Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter to name a few! Films wouldn't be what they are without the amazing artists and composers such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Ross Jesensky and Howard Shore. You can find John Jesensky & Hans Zimmer on Instagram too. 

*This is a collaborative post

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