7 Tips To Help You Keep Warm This Winter

Apparently this winter, it's gonna get pretty cold. (I mean, they say that every year, but still!) So it's important to be well prepared to keep warm & cosy during the chillier months. In the variety of places we have lived over the years - not all of which had heating, we've learnt the best ways to protect yourself from the cold in your home, so I'm going to share a few tips with you today. Some of which are pretty obvious, some are not so much. Don't forget - Stay Cosy!

Wrap Up Warm
Instead of immediately turning your heating up really high, at the first sign of cold - start by putting some warmer clothes on! Socks on, jumpers on, slippers on, onesie on. If you are still cold after wrapping up, and you feel the need to wear a scarf and hat in your house, haha - then it's time to turn your heating up.

Get Your Heating Checked
Now is a great time to get your boiler checked and bleed your radiators. Or if, like me, you have storage heaters - make sure you are using them correctly and turn them on at the correct times. If you are in receipt of any benefits, see if you can apply for a Cold Weather Discount. I also recommend upgrading your central heating if yours if you had the same system for a while. 

Ensure Your Home Is The Correct Temperature
According to the NHS, your home should be approximately 18c or more during the day, and it is recommended that it's about 16-18c at night. It's not great for your health to sleep in a hot house, but much better to be wrapped up warmer. If you have little babies & toddlers - please ensure where they are sleeping is between 18-20c, it can be very dangerous if they sleep in a room that is too hot or too cold. I recommend purchasing a room thermometer, it can be a lifesaver, literally. 

Prevent Draughts
Make sure you keep your windows closed, and prevent draughts using draught excluders & window tape. "Statistics reveal that draughts are responsible for 10% of heat loss in the average home"
First Utility have come up with a fun DIY to help prevent draughts, and DIY Caterpillar draught excluder! 

Let The Sunshine In
Open your curtains during the day and allow the sunshine to warm up the house. But as soon as the sun begins to set, close them again. You want to keep the warmth inside the house. I also recommend purchasing some thicker curtains to prevent the heat escaping. 

Make Your Bed All Cosy
Use lots of individuals blankets, especially wool & lots of cushions on your bed. Using lots of cushions & blankets can help regulate your temperature as you can add or remove blankets as you wish. It's more comfortable than having one thick duvet.

Warm Your Home With Your Cooking
Not literally, but - if you are cooking a big meal in the oven (When it's cold, casseroles are my personal go-to meal), once it's all served up, leave the oven door open as it cools down. It will really help warm up your home. Obviously, if you have little ones running around, it's probably not the best idea though. Keep them away from it at all times.

Are you prepared for a cold Winter?

*This is a collaborative post

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