Braun Silk Epil 9 4 in 1 Skin Spa {Review}

When you're a mum, time to yourself is limited. A beauty regime often means washing your face & showering, there's no time for much else. Sometimes shaving is just one of those things you put off, it can be so time-consuming! (When I was a teen I decided to shave my arms too, and therefore I created a lifetime of annoyance for myself as I have to do it every time now!). I keep on getting ingrown hairs on my legs as well, which can be super painful - so I've been looking for an easier, quicker, longer lasting hair removal solution and I came across the Silk Epil from Braun. An Epilator that provides all the equipment you need to make your life a little less hairy, and a little easier. 

The Braun Silk Epil 9, 4 in 1 Skin Spa is a wet & dry epilator, which I think is fantastic. I've had epilators in the past, and I've been put off because you could only use them on dry skin. The first epilator I ever had really freaked me out. The idea of putting it against my dry, sensitive skin really scared me, and that was partly because of the noise. It reminded me of a dentist drill! Luckily the Silk Epil, although it does make a noise, it's fairly quiet compared to older models. 

What makes this epilator so fantastic is the number of extra accessories it comes with! The epilator itself has 40 tweezers to remove hair 4 times shorter than wax. The charger, to provide cordless use. A deep massage pad attachment to improve the look of stretch marks and appearance. I have to say, I have already noticed a difference in my skin after using this pad a handful of times. Two body brush attachments to help exfoliate your skin, and reduce ingrown hairs. I haven't had a single ingrown hair since using this product. There's even a shaver attachment for bikini and sensitive areas. (This cannot be used wet though). Other accessories included; storage pouch, cleaning brush & trimmer cap. 

I love how this product has everything! It's a shaver, an epilator, a massage, an exfoliator. No need to buy lots of individual products, when this Silk Epil has it all. It holds a charge for a good 40 minutes, which is long enough to remove hair, massage & exfoliate and it's not something you will have to do every day or every other day. Epilating lasts up to four weeks, much better than the 48 minimum you get from shaving! Another little touch that I love about this product is the SmartLight. It's a little light near the head of the epilator than turns on as soon as you switch the epilator on. It's really bright and it allows you to see all the tiny little hairs. Another issue with shaving - you always seem to miss a hair or two!

I really love this epilator, it's so versatile & such a time saver!
 This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received the Epilator to review. All opinions are my own.

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