Christmas Gift Guide - Children's Stocking Fillers

As parents we always have so many presents to buy for Christmas. Whether you do a stocking for your little ones, spend far too much on big presents or do the sensible 'something to wear, something to do, something you need' option. It still ends up being a lot of items and it can be hard trying to come up with ideas. Stocking fillers can be some of the hardest things to buy, and I used to just buy random things as I saw them! I'm sharing today some different stocking filler ideas for children. {This post contains affiliate links}

Paint Sticks // Mini Puzzle // Cars 3 // Despicable Me 3 // Sylvanian Families Twin Poodles // Glow In The Dark Stars // Panda Bubbles // Fairy Puppet // Hedgehog Pencils // Bear Notebook // Personalised Hairbrush

I really love these Paint Sticks! My little guy is really funny about texture and doesn't often like to do painting incase he gets any on his hands! But these paint sticks make painting so much easier and cleaner! These are like glue sticks for painting, a big paint crayon. They're really fantastic and so much less messy than normal paint!

This Crocodile Mini Puzzle is just really adorable! It's a great way to include something more educational in their stocking too, in such a cute way!

I always give my little ones a movie or two for Christmas. If your little one is a Cars fan, don't forget that Cars 3 is out now! Or if they prefer Minions, (my little girlie is obsessed) then why not treat them to Despicable Me 3 this year!

A little Sylvanian Families set would be such an adorable stocking filler don't you think? They are such fantastic, iconic little toys. This sweet little Sylvanian Families Twin Toy Poodle set is really lovely. It comes with a little girl who sits up and the little boy who is crawling, as well as a little dummy & bottle. 

Who didn't love covering their ceilings with glow in the dark stars when they were a child?! Now it's time to let your little ones experience that magic too. (I'm totally buying some for my room too. Haha)

Bubbles is another easy, and cheap thing I always include in my little ones stockings. How freaking adorable are these Panda Bubbles! Who doesn't love bubbles? Especially bubbles as cute as this! I would be so tempted to keep the little guy after the liquid ran out!

When I was a child I used to have a lot of dolls & fairies similar to this and I absolutely loved them! My little girlie has started collecting similar dolls now too. They make a really lovely present and this one is actually a Fairy Puppet!

I have to confess, I have some pencils that are very similar to these Hedgehog Pencils. But they are really pretty and just the right size for little hands. Love them.

(At this stage, I am beginning to feel like I would personally like these gifts for myself. Haha)

This mini spiral Bear Notebook is just awesome. Little ones seem to love notepads, don't they? And this little guy's face is super cute. You could maybe include this pad with the pencils above for a perfect little gift!

Last but not least, why not treat your little one to their own gorgeous, Personalised Hairbrush? My little girlie has just started becoming obsessed with hair and jewellery. It's really sweet, she has her own little dressing up box and I knew she'd love her own hairbrush with her name on it. We've gone through quite a few brushes me and her, as we both have thick hair that gets knotty pretty easily but I am so glad we've discovered these hairbrushes from Rock & Ruddle. They are really great quality and get through our thick hair gently but very successfully! The personalised hairbrushes come in so many sweet designs as well!

Do you struggle buying stocking fillers?

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